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Mar 23, 2009 02:52 PM

Vietnamese restaurant recommendation with at least 1 or 2 veg options?

I'm newish to Philly from the Bay Area. I already frequent Vietnam (47th St. & Chinatown), but need to expand. I assume I need to head over to Washington Ave, yes?

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  1. Yes, Hit Washington Avenue. Most anywhere you wander into will fit the bill. Also consider trying Cafe De Laos on 11th street just below Washington

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    1. re: Bigley9

      2nd Cafe de Laos, it's great. Not Vietnamese, but in the same vein.

      Vietnam is actually on 11th St. in Chinatown, unless you're talking about a different place? Have you tried Vietnam Palace, across the street?

      1. re: Buckethead

        I think yannie means Vietnam on 47th street (the new outpost) and Vietnam in Chinatown - at least that's what I decided after reading it a few times ; )

        1. re: Bigley9

          Correct...I didn't intend to be cryptic! I guess I'm hoping for some specific recommendations about some joints around Washington Avenue. Cafe de Laos sounds great too, thanks.

          1. re: yannie

            Well I tend to go to Pho Ha at 6th and Washington - but I mostly get the Pho and it is closest to my house! O sandwiches is also great for Vietnamese hoagies - they are at 9th and Federal. I have also had a good meal at Nam Phuong at 11th and Washington, but not enough to be an expert. They do have vegetarian selections.

              1. re: saturninus

                We absolutely love Nam Phoung and I think the food is more traditional than Vietnam or Vietnam Palace.

                1. re: joluvscards

                  Sounds like I need to go back more often!

    2. When you say vegetarian, does that include dishes with fish or not?

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        1. re: yannie

          Have you tried Vientienne in West Philly yet? I've always enjoyed their food, particularly the larb (laab). Of course, it's Laoatian, but it's darn good if you're over that way. Plus like Vietnam Cafe, it's BYOB.

          You can certainly skip Saigon at 43rd and Spruce. It's not terrible, but it's not worth the special trip.

          1. re: Boognish

            Yes, I love Vientienne. In fact, I had dinner there last night.

      1. When you say no fish, does that mean no fish sauce too? Many of the dishes have fish sauce. :(
        I third cafe de Laos. And you have to hit up Nam Phuong on Washington. VN Cafe on 47th has great vegetarian options. The fried vegetarian egg rolls have a dipping sauce that has fish sauce. We Vietnamese put fish sauce in everything. It sounds not so good, but when cooked, or simmered or blended with other ingredients, the flavors can vary widely (but delicious.)