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Mar 23, 2009 02:48 PM

Indian food in Pinellas County

Found a new and WONDERFUL Indial restaurant in Pinellas Park.

Taste of Punjab
6540 Park Blvd.,
Pinellas Park
(727) 545-4103

Its not fancy, you won't be blown away by amazing decorating or opulent decor but it feels like you are stepping in to a friends house. Simple tables, warm friendly owners and the obligatory TV playing Indian music videos.

I got the buffet, to try out a few things in one trip, and to me how a buffet is kept is a good indication of the level of detail and love given to the food off the menu. I was blown away, everything was delicious, well cooked, carefully spiced. The fried items on the buffet were crispy, replenished often and not allowed to get soggy. The tandoori chicken, which I usually will not even touch as it is always dissappointing at best... was juicy... flavourful... amazingly good.

Pinellas Park is such a black hole when it comes to new and good food moving in... this is a shocking treat that I will tell anyone to try.

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  1. Nice review! I'm always so grateful when a non-chain opens around here.

    I'm looking forward to trying this out as it's now the closest Indian restaurant to my house.

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      As a follow up, I ate here on Easter after a few weeks of anticipation. They were out of eggplant so I didn't get the dish I originally ordered so I got the veg korma. I'd never had it before and I wanted to try something new. It was an 'okay' dish, very mild and slightly creamy. Not my favorite Indian dish but that's alright as I'll be going back often. My dining companion had the lamb vindaloo and oh my gosh - it was delicious. The St. Pete Times reviewer said it was their favorite dish they tried and I'd agree - very tasty and addictive. I'll be ordering the vindaloo on my next visit.

      The naan was fresh and toasty, just how I like it. Even enjoyed the papadum and the accompanying chutneys.

      Glad to have Taste of Punjab in the area and can't wait to go back.

    2. You are right, the food in here is very authentic. The servise reasonable, and the Restaurant very clean!! Jade Bistro down the road is very good, as is Pho Queyen just past 49th st going east. Pinellas Park, is getting better for food as far as I can see.
      As Emma says, and I agree, down with the hideous chains, faceless places with piles of fried food and bad service!!