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Mar 23, 2009 02:29 PM

Dining in Burgundy

We are taking a barge trip in and around Beaune and Dijon in mid-April. Any suggestions on where to eat, and winery's to visit? First time going.

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  1. Wow, I have little to no constructive advice (been to Beaune and Dijon only once and all too briefly, and although we did have a very nice, Burgundian-style dinner at a small family-run bistro somewhere outside Dijon, I have no idea of the name). But I am anxious to read what others will contribute, and I mainly wanted to say I'm really jealous of you and wish I was going back :-) Have a great time !

    One thing: if you have the opportunity to visit Lyon (just south of the Beaujolais, the southernmost region of Burgundy, do go - it's a wonderful city with many great restaurants and bouchons - bouchons are tremendous little family-run places that are really unique to Lyon, and should not be missed.

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    1. You might want to check this recent thread on Burgundy (more Beaune, than Dijon):

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      1. My favorites in the immediate area are Lamelois (Chagny) and Hostellerie de Levernois (just outside Beaune). In fact, having dined at Lamelois 3-4 times, I would rate it as a not-to-be-missed experience; moreover, it's actually quite reasonably priced considering its world-class cuisine. Less expensive alternatives I have tried with some satisfaction are Loiseau des Vignes (Beaune) and Le Pré aux Clercs (Dijon).

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          While I would not quite second the rating "world-class cuisine" for Lameloise, I totally second the "not-to-be-missed" one. This is one of the most accomplished fine dining establishments in France, the experience is uniquely brilliant and special. I have some pics there:

        2. Le Montrachet in Puligny-Montrachet is a hidden jewel.

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              thank you, this is the vineyard that produces the wonderful white wine?

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                It sure is. Maybe the ULTIMATE white wine. 10 years ago, we got to pick grapes in the vineyard after harvest was over. They were so good, we no longer wondered what made that wine so exceptional.

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                  It is also a village - hence the good hotel/restaurant.

                  Also best not to think of it as a single vineyard as the grapes cover a hillside and this area contains vines/vineyards owned by lots of different producers, producing wines at different price points and qualities. There are a couple of places that do tastings in the village, although the really top producers don't open to the public.

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                    Don't forget about Olivier Leflaive's on the next square over from the La Montrachet. in Puligny. And the local Cave run by Julien is very friendly. If the day is nice you can taste local wines inside and then have Julien set up chairs and a table outside and have a bottle of what you like. In the afternoon folks stop in after working in the ir vineyards for a glass and a chat.

                    1. re: BlueOx

                      Yes, we had a wonderful visit there last September during harvest. It was too cool for sitting outside, but the tour of both the vineyards and cave were fascinating.