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Mar 23, 2009 12:29 PM

KS BBQ between airport and Olathe

Sorry for the last minute message but I'm heading to Olathe for a business trip tomorrow and will get to the airport around 6:45pm, dinner time! What's the best BBQ restaurant between the airport and Olathe? I've done some board research, but I'm having a tough time figuring out locations (a.k.a., no sense of direction). Bonus points if it's in a fun/cute part of town, but not a must.

P.S. I know nothing about BBQ, so I don't really care what "type" of BBQ it is. Just good food.

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  1. I'm not sure any of the better BBQ options are in a cute/fun part of town. I'd probably recommend Oklahoma Joes - mapquest it from the airport and then from there to Olathe. I'm sure others will have some ideas - maybe even something closer to where you're going. I'm up closer to KC/Plaza/Brookside.

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      I've heard the Plaza is cute. Anything noteworthy there? If not, I'll probably try the Olathe Oklahoma Joe's. I think it's right next door to our hotel.

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        The Plaza is great - an area to check out for sure. Great shopping, architecture, atmoshpere. BBQ option there is Jack Stack - some love, some hate. If you're not worried about the type of BBQ - go for it, it's a respectable establishment, but for the hardcore BBQ people it gets mixed reviews. I personally have had some good BBQ there and and some not so good but it's a "nice" place.

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          There is a Jack Stack on the Plaza. 4747 Wyandotte

      2. i just looked and there's an oklahoma joe's in olathe! had no idea. here you go:

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          That Joe's has about 7 times the dining room of the original, plus a separate shop for folks BBQing at home. It has been open 5 or 6 years.

          If you go to the airport by I-635 instead of I-435, you might also consider Quick's BBQ. Either of those two restaurants would be a great choice.

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            If your first and only KC BBQ is going to be on this trip, I don't think I would go to Quick's. I've had a meal or two there that was good, but a couple that were really not good. Also, I don't think the neighborhood would probably ever be described as fun or cute to tourists.

        2. I like Okie Joe's the best and, luckily, it's exactly on your trajectory. Better que is not usually in the better neighborhoods. I'm sure there's plenty of comparable meat, maybe even better meat and sauce out there, but I'm into the sides in this experience as well. I dig their Carolina pork sammy. I would skip KC Masterpiece and Jack Stack. If you have time, just grab the bev of your choice @Latte Land and walk around the Plaza enjoying the architecture. Margaritas on the patio @Baja 600 are alright , just don't eat there unless it's chips or something snacky. If you want cute, shop @Anthropologie. That'll sate anyone's cute habit.