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Mar 23, 2009 12:03 PM

Ribs! Hubba Hubba and 12 Bones(a'ville/flatrock)

I never realized I was such a ribs fan. I've always had a take-it-or-leave attitude toward them. BUT recently I'm a convert.

Hubba Hubba - next door to my beloved West First Village Bakery is this fab little place serving ribs and bbq. The bbq is pretty good, but the ribs are fantastic. Sides are OK, I particularly like the vinegar slaw because it has a lot of cilantro. The cornbread, sweet and corn-y, is also worth eating. There is no inside dining, but you can eat under one of two covered patios.

12 Bones - no secret to Asheville hounds, but the Saturday hours at the new location mean I get to go alot more often. I like the bbq pork, but it pales in comparison to the ribs. Husband and I have both the decided that the ribs thenselves are superior at Hubba Hubba, but the sauce (we like the blueberry chipotle best) puts 12 Bones over the top. Sides are superior at 12 Bones and they even have a nice green salad w/ cranberries, nuts and goat cheese (and you can get 4 ribs THAT'S a salad!) Further , the smoked turkey is so good you really aren't just trying to save a fat gram or 12 when you get it. And the availability of tiny beers for $2 , from 5 local micros on tap is perfect for me!

So, as you can tell, I just love 12 Bones, not just the food quality , but the customer friendly way they allow you to get small quantities of lots of different things.

The only thing negative I can say about 12 Bones, is for god's sake, don't ask to move a chair. I asked a waitress if I could move 2 tables together, and we had this exchange:

"Can I move this table over?"
"no, it's fire code"
"That's OK, we can just pull up a chair"
"no, you can't do that either"
"Hmmm...we have 5, you have any suggestions as to what where we can sit?"
"just sit as close together as you can"
"Uh...but...if we can't pull a chair...there are five of us.............."

I wasn't sure what she was getting at, if she meant 2 of us should share one chair or what, but I didn't get to finish my last sentence 'cause she gets this VERY angry look on her face and snarls "I'll have to ask you to please not raise your voice to me", then whirls around and leaves me standing there, slack jawed.

The reason I know I didn't raise my voice is because I didn't know there was a problem..didn't know she was upset, wasn't having an argument. I was still operating under the assumption that she'd be willing to help me find a table. I guess I live a sheltered life, but it really took me aback. I felt almost threatened and it kinda ruined my lunch.

Well, I digressed there. I'm sure that was a one-time unfortunate incident. If you haven't been to 12 bones gotta's great, and try Hubba Hubba, too.

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  1. @Danna,

    Hear hear girl!

    rude service is one thing but to then continue on and give a positive rating despite the hard time is top notch...

    I applaud your spunk!

    1. Ooo, didn't know about the little beers at 12 Bones. My husband will be happy to work his way through those!

      That's totally bizarre about moving tables and chairs. She must've been off her meds. My feeling is as long as there is still plenty of room for the employees and patrons to easily move about, who cares where the chairs are?

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      1. re: Scirocco

        I agree with Scirocco about the bizarre thing with the waitress and the tables/chairs. I've never been to the Arden store, but I've eaten plenty of times (weekly, at least) at the River District location and have often moved some tables to accommodate our party. Didn't seem to be a problem there.

        I've not eaten at Hubba Hubba (plan to go sometime, though) yet, but may I suggest you try Okie Dokie Smokehouse in Swannanoa for their pulled pork. In my opinion, it's the best pulled pork in the Asheville area. It requires no sauce at all. Actually, my favorite way to eat it is with a bit of their rub (handily supplied in salt shakers at the table) shaken on. Yum. Their black eyed peas are great, but for the most part 12 Bones beats them on sides.

        Can't wait to try Hubba Hubba. What are their weekend hours?

        1. re: Leepa

          Hubba Hubba is open until 3 on Saturday.

          I believe the owner is actually the landlord for Flat Rock Bakery. Thus, you get to use the new expanded patio at Flat Rock. Sometimes we get a rack of ribs AND a pizza. And some bakery stuff for dessert. I'm really starting to see why I don't look all that svelte in my new team kit!

          Swannanoa is....where? What side of Asheville?

          Thanks, Cali, but I'm not so sure my willingness to walk through fire for food is a completely positive thing ;-)

          1. re: danna

            Swannanoa is east of A'ville on Hwy 70.
            Here's their website, which oddly doesn't seem to include their address or directions. I haven't tried it yet, so please post if you do
            Tks, Nancy


            1. re: NANCY

              Actually, their website does include directions (although not an actual address), but they have hidden them well:

              "Just take I-40 to exit 59, head north off the ramp. Turn right (east) on Hwy 70 and look for the smoke about 200 yards on the right!"

      2. Ok, this is very funny....because of your post putting 12 Bones at the front of mind (thanks) and since we were going to be over that way, we went for lunch today. Upon hearing about your issues with furniture moving, husband joked we should go in and start moving the tables and chairs around.

        As we were standing in line to order, he laughed and pointed, there was a sign posted near the register that said, "PLEASE ASK FOR ASSISTANCE BEFORE MOVING ANY TABLES!" I looked around and then noticed these signs were posted everywhere. What kind of dust-up did you have that day???

        My feeling is broke no rules. You DID ask for assistance. You just didn't get any!

        Back to food: had the blueberry chipotle ribs (fabulous as always), the black bean/corn salad special (side - excellent) and the "damn good corn pudding" and they ain't whistlin' Dixie - it is DAMN GOOD corn pudding. I could've eaten a tub of that stuff. My husband had the pulled pork sandwich and it looked great - big pieces of really moist and tender pork.

        anyway, just thought you'd be amused at the signage. don't know if it was always there, but I never noticed it before...I'm surprised your picture wasn't next to it.

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        1. re: Scirocco

          So funny! Yes, according to my husband, the signs were already up, so I'm afraid I can't claim responsibility. I didn't notice the signs, so I'm damn glad I asked, I can't IMAGINE what she would have done to me otherwise! And you know, not to belabor the point, but that sign seems to imply that moving a table is a possibility...

          As an aside, once we got outside I noticed a little boy, around 8, sitting at a chair pulled up to a table of 4 adults. The devil in me wanted to go find that waitress and tell her there was an enforcement action waiting for her, but know...I don't want to get banned, like Kramer from the fruit stand.

          Anyhow...I've been wanting to try the corn pudding but haven't gotten do it yet...what's it like? That's not really a dish I'm familiar with.

          1. re: danna

            or the Soup Nazi - NO RIBS FOR YOU!!

            This was my first time trying the corn pudding. I'm not familiar with it either, so I guess I can't really claim it was "damn good corn pudding", but it was "damn good". It was drier than I expected, meaning only that it wasn't like "pudding" or like creamed corn. It looked a little bit like corn "stuffing", but very moist. Appeared to be made from their corn bread, chunked up, with extra corn in it, a bit sweet, and a tiny little kick to it - jalapenos maybe? there was something small and green in it, so am guessing jalapenos. There is something binding it together that makes it nice and moist (eggs/milk maybe?). Anyway, I loved it!

            btw, have you ever been into that bakery/cafe next door?? was curious what it had and how it was.

            1. re: Scirocco

              wow, that does sound damn good. I'm a sucker for anything w/ cornmeal and corn both in it...I like to make polenta and throw in corn.

              I have NOT been to the bakery next door, but seriously...with a freakin' juggernaut of popularity moved in next door, if I were the owner, I'd be open every minute that 12 Bones was, and a few minutes after. (they have never been open when I'm there) Then again, many not everyone can eat at 12 Bones and still have room for dessert.

              1. re: danna

                What's the name of that bakery, please?

                1. re: JoanInNC

                  I couldn't remember, but managed to figure it out online. It's called Mountain Brew Cafe and Bakery and I found a website.

        2. Have been to both places once and was quite impressed with both--enjoyed the smallness and uniqueness of Hubba Hubba--it was quite a treat to eat outside under the trees on a beautiful day---forget which slaw I had, but really enjoyed it.
          Glad to hear about the Saturday hours for 12 Bones. One question--will be in A-ville/H-ville area next month and would like to visit the Arden location--do they have all the same menu items (including the beers) that the River location has?
          Thanx for info. Just 2 of us, so we won't try to move a table ;-)

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          1. re: KyMikey

            I've only been to the downtown 12 Bones once (we took a day off work to go try it on a Friday...we need professional help) , but to the best of my memory, the offerings were the same. Seems like there are 5-6 beers on draft...I can't remember how many were downtown. I had Highland Mocha Stout last week, and previously some kind of "bitter" (Black mtn , maybe?) that they were kind enough to offer me a taste of after I ordered it. I think there was Pisgah Summer ale, I also recall a Scottish Brown that will be my next victim.

          2. You know.... I wonder if this table moving thing is something required by the Skyland Fire Department and only at the south location. I ate lunch today at the Asheville location and saw no signs about moving tables. I should have asked Tom about it. Next time I will.