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Mar 23, 2009 12:01 PM

Casual Lunch Freehold, Howell area... ?

Taking my parents out for Anniversary lunch tomorrow, one is in a wheelchair....need a nice casual restaurant recommendation in the Freehold, Howell area.. open to all cuisines...

Thank you

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  1. Unfortunately nothing that screams Special Occasion but here are some options. This may help you come up with something that works for them.

    Fritzy's - Howell NJ - German but it has changed owners
    Chapter House Howell NJ - Casual Standard Restaurant
    Ivy Leauge Howell NJ - Casual Standard Restaurant
    Oyako Tso - Freehold NJ Sushi Parking is not always easy to find here
    Cafe Calore - Italian Freehold NJ Very Good Parking right there and quiet at lunch
    A Little Bit of Cuba - Cuban Freehold NJ - New restaurant very Casual and there is parking right there
    Metropolitan Cafe - Freehold NJ - Business Casual Standard

    Happy Eating!

    1. Maybe Bayou Cafe if they are open for lunch.

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      1. re: jsfein

        Called, they are open for lunch at 11:30AM everyday except Saturday.
        I'll have to check this place out myself.

      2. I think Bayou Cafe, on Main St., in Freehold, would be an excellent place for a celebratory lunch. Entrance and tables are wheelchair accessible, but I don't know about the restrooms.

        Note: Fritzy's has closed.

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        1. re: RGR

          Please keep them coming I appreciate the ideas. Rt 9 Corridor...Manalapan, Marlboro could be a consideration also.

          1. re: Tapas52

            Still only a few more that scream special occasion but maybe this will help.
            Jersey Freeze for some Ice Cream LOL no seriously it is for your parents.
            Marmara Rt 9 Manalapan Turkish
            Konbu Rt 9 Manalapan Sushi
            My personal Favorite Kyoto Rt 9 Englishtown Sushi
            Have not tried in that area are Ferrari's Italian on Rt 9 in Freehold Boro a newer Italian restaurant on main street that had make your own Frittata, the name escapes me so I could not comment.

            1. re: Tapas52

              I agree that Mamara is an excellent choice for tasty Turkish cuisine. Nice ambiance as well.


            2. re: RGR

              Fritzy's Restaurant has NOT closed. Can we please put this rumor to rest
              once and for all.

              1. re: aries55

                same cooks , same staff , different owners good food and wheelchair accesible

            3. Hey what ever restaurant you pick - give them a call first an make sure they are really wheelchair accessible. Starting thinking about this more and some choices may not be, and that would ruin your special day. Enjoy your time with them today!

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              1. re: shabbystorm

                shabbystorm thanks to the chowhounds we have a few ideas now....someone else suggested a place called Marco Polo in Freehold also which is WC accessible.

                1. re: Tapas52

                  We enjoy Turning Point. I was in yesterday and there was someone in there with a wheelchair. We never leave diappointed.

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    Marco Polo is a chinese/american buffet that is not bad for one of those, but not in the same league as Bayou Cafe or Marmara.