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Authentic Chinese in the burbs

We love Chinese food but hate going to China town. Where can you get authentic chinese in the burbs? Not PF Changs, Panda Express, etc...not that there's anything wrong with those places, just not authentic, ykwim?

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  1. Many fans of the following: Lao SzeChuan in Downers Grove, Fabulous Noodles in Lisle, Katy's Dumplings in Westmont and Naperville, MaPo in Naperville.

    1. I would add Yu's Mandarin in Schaumburg. They have a great lunch special, also know that the dinner crowd is typically thick.

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        > know that the dinner crowd is typically thick.

        Thick? What do you mean? The restaurant gets a lot of customers at dinner and is crowded/busy with long waiting times to be seated, or something else?

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          Yes, it gets very busy at dinner and wait times can be long.

      2. There are over 250 sub-burbs in Chicagoland, could you please narrow it down to an area for us?? Thanks.

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          We frequently are out and about in Northbrook, Glenview, Wilmette, Schaumburg, Skokie, Niles, Linconwood, Downers Grove, Buffalo Grove...

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            I can't speak to the northwest suburbs you mention, but in the near north suburbs, I haven't found anything really impressive. The closest I've come is Koi, in Evanston; not too long ago I ate there twice - once was very good, the second time was just so-so. I've basically given up on finding good Chinese in that area (but if someone knows of some great place I'm not familiar with, I'm all ears!). I go to Chinatown (to Double Li and Lao Sze Chuan), which is closer for me than the western suburbs mentioned above.

        2. Katy's Dumplings would be my first choice. Also even though the name of the restaurant is Dumplings, the noodles are out of this world.

          1. Szechwan Kingdom in Northbrook is not bad. My dad travels to the orient a lot and says most of their dishes are close to what he has in Asia.

            1. Try Asian Bistro, Arlington Hts Rd and Golf.

              Asian Bistro
              65 W Golf Rd, Arlington Hts, IL

              1. We just ate at LSC in Downers Grove this past weekend but it wasn't as great as I expected. We ordered the Three chili chicken which was good, not amazing! Ma pou tofu- too spicy. Spicy beef tendon- good. General Tsos chicken- OK. Garlic eggplant- good. Lamb with cumin- good. Some kind of green vegatable- good. Egg rolls- fair. Wonton soup-fair. Shrimp in mayo sauce- yummy. If I go again, i would only repeat the shrimp and the garlic eggplant. The rest were not that memorable. Did I order the wrong stuff?

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                  >> Did I order the wrong stuff?

                  I don't think so. In numerous visits to Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown, I've tried a lot of dishes, and the two that I've liked the most are the three chili chicken and the mayonnaise shrimp.

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                    I don't think so. I find that LSC is over-rated. Their food is just ok. The portions are small and the prices are expensive, for Chinese food, especially for China-town. If you are in China-town, try Spring World if you want great authentic spicy Chinese, big portions and a decent price.

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                      We are going to try Katy's Dumplings this weekend. What are the can't miss dishes?

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                        The menus are different at Westmont and Naperville. Better say which one you are going to.

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                          I am going to Westmont. But now, it will probably be next weekend as dh is working.

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                          Shredded pork in garlic is great at Katy's. A huge amount of food, I had 2 more meals of the leftovers. We went to the Naperville branch.