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Mar 23, 2009 11:53 AM

Heritage Trail Winery - How do I love thee?

Just had to rave about my trip to Heritage Trail in Lisbon yesterday. Had a very relaxing lunch in their cafe. Laurie, Harry and Scott are all very gracious hosts! For starters, we had a cheese plate, which was wonderful. (I forgot to ask for the names of the cheeses...) I had a breakfast pizetta; loaded with eggs, bacon and cheese. My companions ordered french toast and hash. Everyone raved about their dishes. During the meal, we ordered a wine tasting and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. My personal favorite was the Cabernet Franc ($25 bottle). For dessert, we tried three gelatos: mocha, wedding cake and vanilla chai. It was some of the best gelato I have ever tried, very creamy with pronounced flavors. Chef Harry was kind enough to let us try his chocolate cake, very moist and delicious. Afterwards, we browsed the tasting room and sampled gelato. (try the cappucino!)

They have a lovely place; it was such a treat to visit and enjoy their hospitality. I am looking forward to my next visit!

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  1. We are taking our 2 kids to Mystic Aquarium over April vacation, would this be an appropriate late lunch early dinner choice.?BTW kids are 12 and 10 very well behaved.

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      yes, well-behaved kids would be fine. The restrooms walls are covered in chalkboard, so if they get antsy, they can amuse themselves in there.

    2. Meesch, I'm glad to hear another rave review about Heritage Trail. Mr. bakinggirl and I have been meaning to get over there (we're one town away). There was an iffy review in the Norwich Bulletin a few weeks ago...I never trust their restaurant reviewer anyway (plus I think she writes with a thesaurus open on her lap), so I'm glad to hear they're still going strong!

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        bakinggirl, my curiosity got the better of me as I couldn't imagine a restaurant reviewer writing a negative review of Heritage Trail. I've been four times now and each experience there has been a delight. It's such a special place, I've since listed it as one of my top 5 in CT.

        So here is my *BS ALERT* and a link to the questionable restaurant review. For the real scoop (btw, my SCOOPS there are never melted and quite divine), check the feedback at the end of the article, including comments from Chef Harry himself. He and Laurie are a class act and deserve to flourish. I am very sure they will, too. Nothing "cryptic" or "confusing" about it whatsoever.

        BS found here--feel free to scan to the end of the article for people's feedback, which mirrors what each one of us on Chowhound has said about HT thus far, all the way back to Jane in RI, whose enticing review last fall brought us back to what *used to be* my least favorite spot on the CT Wine Trail (thanks again, Jane!):

        1. re: kattyeyes

          You rang? haha. My ears must've been ringing as I've been offline for a few weeks now.

          I must go read this you, I've never been disappointed there, nor has anyone I've ever sent (and there have been several).

          1. re: JaneRI

            After reading the Norwich Bulletin review and the retorts including yours, I was wondering if you think there are enough non-dairy items on the menu to satisfy my wife who is allergic to dairy. It seemed like almost every appetizer and entree had a lot of cheese or cream components. While I'm okay with this, my wife often has trouble with a menu that is heavy with dairy ingredients. I trust the raves of the Chowhounds more than the Norwich Bulletin review but I wondered if there would be enough choices for my wife to make a trip to the HTW viable for us. Thanks.

            1. re: chowmensch

              Hi! I don't know if you checked HTW's menu from Jane's original post, but here's a link:


              Have a look and see if there are enough non-dairy choices. I can eat (and love) dairy, but I'm thiking your wife has options. My other suggestion is this: call Harry and Laurie and explain your situation. I did not know them personally prior to meeting them and eating in their restaurant, but they sincerely seem to be the type of people who would be willing to accommodate special requests if at all possible. And, not to say your wife should be stuck with salad, but their salads are immense, fresh and dressed with homemade dressings.

              Also, here's a link to the original thread Jane started, in case you missed it--plenty of good info on what we've tried and loved to date:

          2. re: kattyeyes

            Thanks for the heads-up on the comments - I read the review right after it was posted, hence no reviews were posted. Power to the Chowhounds for speaking our piece, esp. JaneRI!!

            1. re: bakinggirl

              I didn't see JaneRI's additional comments till this morning--you go, JaneRI! :)