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Mar 23, 2009 11:46 AM

recession deals in las vegas

i'll be in las vegas for 2 days for work at the end of the month. i live in los angeles and many restaurants here are offering recession deals, 3 course prix fixes usually, much cheaper than they usually charge.

are any restaurants in vegas doing the same? previously i've dined at bouchon, delmonico's, postrio, tao, burger bar, olives, the verandah at the four seasons, okada at the wynn, spago, fiamma, lotus of siam, etc etc... and would like to try something new.


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  1. Having just returned from a weekend @ Palazzo/Venetian.
    I noticed many of the restaurants are offering pre theatre dinners for a fixed price.

    I think the only requirement is that you be seated by 6:30 - 7pm....

    The Wynn to has some prix fixe dinners.....
    Check both propeties web sites for deals!!

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    1. re: ciaogal

      The Steakhouse at Camelot in the Excalibur has a 3-course meal for $25:

      Stack, Kokomo's, Onda and Fin in the Mirage all have 3-course tasting menus for
      $29.95 per person.

      Several of the MGM restaurants have "Winter" tasting menus from $29.99:

      1. re: westie

        There's a prix fix lunch deal at Mesa Grill for $29:

        And a Vintage 1991 Prix Fixe Dinner for $45:

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      1. Daniel Boulud is running a two or three course pre-fixe before 7 p.m. $36 and $48 respectively if I remember correctly. Selected choices of the regular menu so no compromise in quality or quantity near as I can figure. Was just there this past week. Great service and view too out to the lake.

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        1. re: Jase

          Does anyone know if the Daniel Boulud prix fixe menus are posted anywhere online? Thanks!

          1. Has anyone heard whether or not MGM is going to do Spring tasting menus similar to the ones they did in the Fall and Winter? The winter specials ended March 31.

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            1. re: maestrette

              I'm excited to know the answer to this too. I did enjoy dinner at Stack last time i was there $30/person is great for 3 courses. I know wynn is doing a similar deal, all the menus are on there site.
              Anyone know about happy hours though? There is one sushi/japanese restaurant in Mirage that does one, but that's all I know of

              1. re: maestrette

                Yes...MGM is offering Spring specials now. If you go the the Dining section of their website and click on each individual restaurant it will list the Spring special. I couldn't find the part of the site to show all specials but here is the link for Craftsteak's special


                1. re: VegasEl

                  The "new" menu is only marginally different (a couple of sides changed) then the old specials. The meats are the same. 4 of us ordered 3 tasting menus and a couple of extra sides and had food left over. While flat iron and skirt steaks are not your "name" steaks, our prime grade flat iron was "like butta" and the skirt steak was very tasty. Very good value.

              2. Was in Mandalay Bay today and saw that StripSteak ($59) and Aureole ($55) are doing prixe fixe meals. I imagine other restaurants are doing the same. The StripSteak menu looked ho-hum but the Aureole menu looked worth giving a try.