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Mar 23, 2009 11:39 AM

Miami Beach restaurant for large group

I have a large group of women (approx. 20) coming into Miami in May for a weekend. I live here, but have actually eaten very little on South Beach. I'm looking for a restaurant on the beach that could adeptly handle a large group for dinner (limited menus would be okay, as long as the food is worthwhile), as well as a venue for brunch.

I'm not looking for any particular cuisine, or any particular price range, although probably nothing more than $50 pp for entrees and appetizers for dinner, and $40 pp for brunch w/o alcohol. I'm also flexible on the atmosphere spectrum (casual to formal) as long as the food speaks for itself. I was thinking Talula might be a decent option.

Any recommendations (or negative experiences with large groups) would be much appreciated.

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  1. I have not eaten at the one in miami and I have not been to the one in ny or la in a long time but asia de cuba sounds like a good option for you.

    Brunch try a place like clarkes.

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      I recently inquired and Asia de Cuba was $75 a head for a group. Meat Market will do a nice dinner @ 50 if you are willing to eat early bird style...

    2. I've had groups of about that size at Talula w/ set menu (actually 2-3 choices for each course) that they've done an outstanding job with. $50pp for dinner may be a bit too low but worth asking - they have sample catering menus on their website - They also do very nice brunch and your brunch price point may be more doable. Their outdoor patio area is very nice, we also had a lunch during off-hours inside the restaurant.