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Mar 23, 2009 11:17 AM

True Bolognese

Does anyone where I can go to find a truly authentic, and great Bolognese sauce. Not just red sauce with ground beef. I hear babbo does a great one, any others, maybe at a spot a little easier to get into.

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  1. Tarry Lodge in Port Chester is Mario's place. Bolognese is fantastic and if you are willing to eat early, much easier to get in to.

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      1. re: notsochubbychubette

        She posted an alternate Batali restaurant in the event the OP cannot get a res at Babbo. Port Chester is in Westchester county just short of the Fairfield border. Easily accessible by Metro North if you're not driving.

    1. Felidia and del posto make a nice one too....

      1. Po (which Batali used to own) does a really great one with spinach tagliatelle. And cheap(er) too!

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        1. re: JulesTei

          Cipriani Downtown makes an excellent and authentic Bolognese sauce, but it's like a million dollars.

        2. Try Via Emilia, 47 E. 21st Street.

          1. Bianca has a bolognese with fresh tagliatele that is very good.