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Mar 23, 2009 11:15 AM

Best Chicken in NY - Almost Any Style??

Hi All,

I am celebrating a birthday for my friend who is mildly obsessed with chicken. Any recommendations for place (or a dish of a place )with deliciously prepared chicken in any neighborhood in either Manhattan or Northern Brooklyn? Probably the only type of restaurant I wouldn't want is one that is themed only toward fried chicken. Broad question - I realize, but I am really open to anything from casual to upscale dining.


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  1. I LOVE the brick chicken at Campo on Broadway and 114th It's a really pretty restaurant.. The owner has another place called Nonna's which is on Columbus in the 80's. They have the same dish and it's almost just as good. Nonna's also makes a great Chicken Scarpierello but only on Monday nites.

    1. I LOVE pio pio (peruvian rotisserie)
      I also remember having a great roast chicken at salt back in the day

      1. My husband loves the roast chicken at Annisa - it has truffles in it.

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          Second this. It is my favorite chicken dish in the city.

        2. Had some pretty darn good chicken at Barbuto. They are known for this crazy good chicken. Normally I stay away from chicken (yawn), but it really was pretty outstanding. Also, in the general poultry category, I thought I died and went to heaven over some guinea hen I had at Babbo. Perfect crisp skin; delicious, moist flesh. As far as cheaper options, I know you don't want a chicken themed place, but Boka on St. Marks serves the Bon Chon chicken, which is also delicious in its own spicy-crispy i-need-a-beer-now way, plus they serve a bunch of other Korean stuff (stay away from the sushi).

          1. Maybe not what you are looking for but I was there this weekend so it's on my mind....

            The chicken at Dinosaur BBQ is really great. Very very juicy with just the right amount of BBQ sauce (not fried, I assume its rotisserie chicken). I usually don't order chicken out, but I have to say this was worth it!