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Mar 23, 2009 10:59 AM

Bachlorette Party Locale?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a bachlorette party restaurant?

I was interested in a place that could accomodate a larger group (15 girls). It can't be too expensive since most of the girls are students. A lot of the places in Fed. Hill can't accomodate such a large group or they want to have it set up as a "party" (catering, etc.).

I'd like it to be near the Inner Harbor, Fells Point or Federal Hill.

All suggestions would be very much appreciated!


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  1. You should try Lucas Cafe on Fort Ave in Locust Point.

    1. I went to a bachelorette party at No Way Jose in Federal Hill more than a year ago. I think we ate sort of on the early side, but they gave us the whole second floor to ourselves. It was very affordable, and I think we all just had pitchers of margaritas, which kept the drink bill in check.

      Just out of curiosity, why are you opposed to having something catered? You can usually argue for better prices, or free soft drinks or dessert or something, if you have a reserved party. Having a prix fixe menu will also let people budget in advance, and will probably come out cheaper.