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Mar 23, 2009 10:58 AM

Kid's Birthday Dinner in Waterloo

I am planning a birthday dinner for my 11-year-old daughter. She would be happy with a really great burger for her birthday dinner, however many of the adult guests at her party (including me) would like something a bit more upscale than a burger and fries. Any suggestions for a good restaurant in Waterloo that would satisfy the birthday girl and the fussier grown-ups?

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    1. Wildcraft, maybe? Your daughter can still have her burger, but the place is definitely upscale enough for grown-ups.

      1. Thanks Googs and morefoodplz - both good suggestions. Now I'm wondering about Janet Lyn's. Does anyone know if they havea burger on their menu?

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          You should call them and ask, but I personally doubt it. Not to mention that this seems a bit over-the-top for an 11-year-old; where are you going to go when she's 18?

          Some people mentioned menu items here: but no burger in sight.

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            I don't think Janet Lynn's has a burger-- don't recall seeing a burger on the menu on either of my 2 visits last year. Most of the food is bistro style.

            Marbles might be another option. Haven't dined there myself, but I've heard their burgers are good, and they have other options.
            Here's a review from last summer:

          2. For my eleventh birthday, my parents took me to the Charcoal Steak House, but I wasn't looking for a burger - which I'm sure they have - I wanted pigtails! 40 years ago, their prices were more family oriented than they are today. The same people own Wildcraft, which is in Waterloo rather than Kitchener. As I recall, Janet Lynn's and Wildcraft are in the same price ballpark.