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Mar 23, 2009 10:53 AM

Bloody Mary's on a saturday

Hi everyone! i have found a lot of great advice for my upcoming trip to NO. I am obsessed with Bloody Mary's and was wondering where can i find the best? are there any great saturday brunch spots where I can kick back a few bloody mary's? any good prix fix? all you can drink Bloody's?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I love the BM's at Stanley.

    1. the N.O. Fairgrounds RaceTrack has good Bloody's; the season is soon to be over, but keep in mind for future travel here.

      Atchafalaya Restaurant does brunch on Sat and Sun w/$5 Bloody's.

      1. The walk-up bar at The Gazebo Cafe has a very decent Bloody Mary ($6.75). After shopping/milling around at The French Market, my husband and I decided to wait for our friends (who were still shopping) at the little park with fountain across from the Margaritaville Store. The weather was perfect, the jazz ensemble at The Gazebo Cafe nearby provided excellent music, and the drinks we purchased at the walk-up bar made this early Sat. afternoon (March 21) rest stop a very pleasant experience. Enjoy your trip!

        1. I'm slightly obsessed as well. We will be there in April and we will definitely try Stanley's.

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            I love to go to brunch at EAT! on the corner of Dumaine and Dauphine and it's it's definitely a bargain because they charge you no cork fee!

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              Its on our list too! Can't wait. Looks great for lunch and dinner as well.

          2. Monaghan's Erin Rose on Conti Street in the Quarter. The secret: a wee bit of Guinness in the mix. Scruptious and made to your spice specifications.