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Mar 23, 2009 10:51 AM

Chinese near Bryant Park?

Can anyone recommend a Chinese food restaurant that is walking distance from Bryant Park? Not too expensive, but decent enough atmosphere that we can eat there (as opposed to many places that are primarily for take out or delivery). Thanks!

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  1. Szechuan Gourmet is excellent, especially if you like spicy food.

    Szechuan Gourmet
    21 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018

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          Third. Love the braised fish fillets with napa cabbage (very very spicy), the wok tossed prawns with szechuan pepper corns and the string beans with yibin veggie buds.

      1. Just to give you an alternative choice so you won't be stuck with only one Chinese restaurant recommendation, in addition to Szechuan Gourmet, I also like Wu Liang Ye (at 36 West 48th between 5th and 6th). Wu Liang Ye is also Szechuan cuisine so you will have to be careful ordering the hot and spicy dishes in case you don't like them but they have other non-spicy alternatives too. (Not sure how much exposure you have to Szechuan food but even if you like "hot and spicy" please beware... there will be a lot of peppers in you food and your tongue will be tingling and you may get a stomach ache after eating it but it's an acquired taste.)

        If you are not too picky about Chinese food and you are not adventurous to try more authentic stuff at Wu Liang Ye or Szechuan Gourmet, you may want to go to Ollie's at 411 West 42nd and 9th Avenue. It's mostly Chinese American cuisine and the quality isn't the greatest in the world but it is Chinese and it is a sit down restaurant. I have not been to this particular branch but I have eaten at Ollie's other branches on Upper West Side and they were fine. I am just trying to give you more options.... in case you are not a hardcore Chinese food eater. Being Chinese, I would love everyone to enjoy authentic Chinese food, but in reality, it's not for everyone. Sometimes it might be better to recommend people to go to Chinese American places if that's what they feel more comfortable with.... Just another thought.

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          Your suggestions are much appreciated - thanks!