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Mar 23, 2009 10:31 AM

Cal pep

Sadly i was planning to go here at easter but have been told its cloed until april 14th. Can anyone suggest the best alternative? I am already going to the following:

THURS NIGHT:Paco Meralgo
FRIDAY LUNCH -Can Mano - (?)
FRIDAY NIGHT ????????????
SAT DAY Restaurant San Joan
SAT NIGHT Cinc Sentis
SUN DAY Cherif - Paella or La Paradeta
SUN NIGHT Rias de Galicia

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  1. Paco Meralgo for your Thursday night is very much like Cal Pep though it is a more pleasant place, less expensive and in my opinion, better food. For Friday night, if you are looking for another tapas sort of place, might want to try Tapac24 or Cerverseria Catalana, both will be fun and bustling. For a little more money than Cal Pep, I would rather take in another "modern" Catalan restaurant such as Comerc24, Coure, Hisop or Olive. These are a little more innovative than Cinc Sentits which is very good and you should keep for Sat night. The back room of Taktika Berri is also very good.
    I don't know if you are familiar with Can Mano which is a bare bone simple down home place in Barceloneta. I would consider it if you are exploring Barceloneta that afternoon but not special worth a trek down there. The food is hearty and inexpensive but nothing exceptional.
    As for Sunday, I doubt La Paradeta is open for lunch or dinner. Besides you are doing what is probably the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona. Though they are different in many ways, it seems a little redundant to eat at two seafood places in one day.
    The places you've chosen are all very good; two large meals a day is a lot of eating.

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      You should look into Comerc24 or Coure - I have had excellent meals there in the past. The former is a very cool place indeed, whereas Coure is a little more formal, and it's in the basement - so no windows. Food is great value however.

      I agree with the above and think that two big meals in one day is crazy.

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        We just got back from 2 weeks in Spain, including Barcelona. I second the rec on Taktika Berri back room...excellent, and also Paco Meralgo, had a great meal there 2 nights ago, and very well priced. We also ate at Semproniana where we ate well.

      2. I think we are looking for something maybe a little more low key than Commerce 24 (althought it looks amazing) . Can you suggest something? You underestimate my eating power! perhaps you can suggets some lighter lunching places?

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          Go with Tapac24. Same owner (Carlos Abellan) but its casual and very delicious. Chef's take on many traditional spanish favorites. When I stopped in with a friend, we went right to the bar and had one of the bartenders start bringing out recommendations. Everything was fantastic. I don't have as much Barca experience as most people on this board but I would be willing to stake my chound rep on this little spot.

        2. I would choose Paco Meralgo over Tapac24 anyday. I'm just back from BCN and had an amazing meal at Paco. In addition to everything being wonderful, it was far and away the best pan con tomate I've ever had.

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          1. re: hungrynewyorker

            Agree with hungrynewyorker...we ate at both Tapac24 and Paco M. and loved the latter, in a different class I think than Tapac24, though that was very good: loved Tapac24's McFoie Burger.

          2. Thanks Chow for all the advice! We went to some fantastic places
            THURS NIGHT:Paco Meralgo - really good tapas.
            FRIDAY LUNCH - La Paradeta - amazing seafood, very basic but wonderful. My fave !
            FRIDAY NIGHT - Tapac 24 - good vibe, great tapas, nice people
            SAT NIGHT Cinc Sentis - decor a bit soulesss but food fantastic and staf very friendly
            SUN DAY - cant remember the name....
            SUN NIGHT - Sept Portes - touristy but great mussels. average Paella