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Mar 23, 2009 09:59 AM

Souce for Puff Pastry

Any ideas on where I can buy fresh or frozen all butter puff pastry on the Peninsula or even SF? I read in old posts that TJ's has a good product but couple of times I have checked they have not. All the stores I've checked only seem to carry Pepperidge farms, which I don't care for or none at all.

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    1. If you know of a bakery where you like the puff pastry, you might ask you if can buy some.

      1. I hope tj's hasn't stopped carrying their puff pastry. It was pretty good. I know whole foods carries it, I've seen it in San Mateo and RWC.

        1. I've bought puff pastry at the TJs on Masonic/Geary. Rainbow and WF also carry some in a tin box (cardboard top).

          1. Bi-Rite Market on 18th between Dolores and Guerrero in SF sells its house-brand puff pastry, which I think they use at Bi-Rite creamery. I've used it once or twice before--it's very good, and expensive.