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Mar 23, 2009 09:56 AM

?lunch on Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta

looking for something good for lunch - sandwiches / salads / something easy - along Howell Mill Road btwn 75 and Buckhead. help, please

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  1. Well this is a 5-10 minute drive on Howell Mill off 75 but in the opposite direction. See click on Provisions To Go. Eat in is an option.

    The food is great but inside are only a few stools at a community table. If the weather is nice I eat at the picnic tables outside on the patio. That's what you should shoot for. It is just past the Atlanta water reservoirs on the right before 14th Street. Same parking area as Taqueria Del Sol at corner of Huff Road.

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    1. re: JHLI

      West Egg Cafe is not exactly between 75 and Buckhead but near Star Provisions, Taqueria, and Figo (pasta)....Great little place.

      There is also Fellini's closer to 75.

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        And you'll drive past Flip to get to Star Provisions, Figo, or Taqueria.

      2. I'm with the other folks. If I were to choose 2, I'd go to Star Provisions or Taqueria Del Sol.

        I'd skip Fellini's. It's OK pizza, but it's not in the same league as the other 2 restaurants.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. We hit Flip (1587 Howell Mill Road). Loved the burger with blue cheese, caramelized onions, red wine jam (Butcher Cut). somewhat disappointed by the Southern (pimento cheese, green tomato ketchup). May try Star provisions tmrw. will let you know

          1. re: sarapeater

            West Egg! love the pimento cheese fried green tomato BLT, though it's a bit bread heavy. and garlic grits...yum