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La Bonne Soupe fire

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Just an alert that La Bonne Soupe is closed because of a fire - the note on the website says no one was hurt and they hope to reopen "within 4 weeks".

I wish them luck.


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  1. that block is cursed!

    1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/597917

      1. What a shame after all these years. Let's hope they're up & running ASAP. Always a good reliable place.Thanks for the heads up info.

        1. Let's hope they are re-opening by early next week:


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          1. re: David W

            c'est magnifique!

            love this restaurant
            a delicious bit of Paris in NYC

          2. just read over on Eater that they are planning to reopen on tuesday--let's hope!