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Mar 23, 2009 09:47 AM

Best Produce in Santa Monica?

There are no farmer's markets on Mondays as far as I know, but I wanted to pick up some quality produce at good prices. Anyone know which markets are best?

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  1. are you looking for small indie places or larger supermarkets. there's obviously Whole Foods...i also used to get good stuff at the Co-op on Broadway occasionally.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I'm looking for either large or small. I think Whole Foods is overpriced, but I do like their quality. I'd love to find any market on the westside that has farmer's market quality produce with cheap prices. But that might be a tall order. Haha

      The Co-op is a good idea though. I seem to always forget about that place.

      1. re: eglaub

        i moved away from LA over a year ago, and i still haven't forgotten about it...they had the best bulk section.


    2. The Co-op does have good produce, but I find their prices to be comparable to Whole Foods, with a smaller selection - some things a little more, some a little less, but most about the same. Natural Foods (I think that is the name), the little health food store on the corner of Main and Pier in Santa Monica is also expensive but their quality can't be beat by any larger store.

      1. Marina farms on Centinela just north of Jefferson has pretty good produce and fair prices. Not exactly Santa Monica, but close. Much cheeper than whole foods.

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        1. re: Baron

          Yes! I was going to recommend that place but I didn't know the name or exact location, haha - I always pass it when I'm driving to the movies at Cinema De Luxe and make a mental note to stop by.

        2. Lets not forget Costco. They seem to have very good produce and the absolute best prices. Only thing you have to buy in quantity. Great tomatoes, string beans, letuces of all kinds.Good fruit, you name it.

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            I like the Co-Op. I can't do a price comparison with WF because I don't by fruits and veg at WF. I can say that the Co-Op is cheaper than Ralphs and Vons unless the item is on sale at the latter stores. I like the Co-Op and find it a great alternative if I've missed the FM on Saturday.

          2. The produce is at SAN VICENTE FOODS in nearby Brentwood is good quality and I have found lately cheaper for some items than Ralphs and Whole Foods.