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Mar 23, 2009 09:11 AM

help! french onophile (?sp) coming to NY

My brother in law who is a major wine lover born and raised in the south of France is coming to NY this summer. I want to introduce him to the best American wines... not necessarily expensive but delicous. they can't buy them over there they don't get the interesting stuff and what they do get is highly over tariffed. Any suggestions?

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  1. For your brother-in-law, the oenophile, you will need to tell us some more:


    Preferences? Obviously, he cannot get a Kistler or Marcassin Chard over there, but they get great Montrachet....

    I would suggest an excellent wine bar (see to provide the best perspective. No way will you impress him with only one or two bottles without risking a lot of money.

    1. He might be interested in trying zinfandels, since this wine
      variety is unique to the USA (I realize it comes from Croatia,
      but this is not yet a wine travel destnation inside Europe). Your
      brother in law might also be interested in wines made by
      French wine makers in the USA. For example, if he is familiar
      with Chateau de Beaucastel wines, you might want to try Tablas Creek.
      If he favors Burgundy wines, you might want to try Domain Drouhin.
      With this approach you are ensuring the wines he will taste are made
      in a French style.

      1. As aacharya asked:

        Must know price, red v. white, style/grape preference...

        Also, to be completely honest, in the lower price categories (and also in the stratosphere) I don't think US wine can compete favorably with French wines. It is really only in the $30 - $150 (retail / mailing list) category that you see real competiton, imo. There are some exceptions, but that, to me, would be the general rule.

        1. Sherry-Lehman is probably a good place to start. Crush Wine and Spirits looks good, too.
          This place lists a lot of wine stores in Manhattan.

          Zachy's isn't in New York city proper. Are you talking New York State or New York City?
          By the way, 2007 is shaping up to be a great vintage in California and Oregon, at least for the grapes I'm interested in.

          1. I don't understand the question. Are you looking for specific bottles of wine to buy? Or are you looking for wine stores where you can buy American wines? Or are you looking for a wine bar where you can try different American wines?

            I can't recommend specific bottles and I don't know of any wine bars that specialize in American wines, but Le Dû in the West Village and Chambers St Wines in TriBeCa both carry a small but good selection of well-made American wines.

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              I looked at Chambers Street online inventory before posting and its U.S. selection is 76 bottles. Maybe they're low in inventory waiting for new wines to arrive, but U.S. wines don't seem to be a strength of the store.

              1. re: SteveTimko

                You're right that they don't have a lot of US wines, but the ones they have are, IMHO, the better ones.