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Mar 23, 2009 08:27 AM

Luke Restaurant

Great meal there this Sunday with a group of four. Our meal looked like this:

Half a dozen raw P&J Oysters
Assiette de Charcuterie (different pates and foie gras with mustard, chutney, and house-made pickles.)
Roasted Beet Salad (w/bleu cheese & spiced pistachios!)
Fried Oyster, Bacon, Romaine, and Avacado Salad
Luke Burger (with tomatoes, bacon, caramelized onions, and Emmenthaler cheese)
Croque Madame
Pressed Cochon de Lait Sandwich

Everything was delicious! The service was quick, although the house filled up towards the middle-end of our meal. Our pate plate had a great variety of smoky, tart, and spicy flavors, and was served with crisp toast. The two salads were delicious, the oyster salad had savory pieces of cubed bacon that added a great aspect to the dish. All the sandwiches were served with housemade fries, which were thin, golden and tasty!

For a first time, Luke really made a great impression, and I hope to go back. Any menu recommendations for next time?

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  1. pâté of Louisiana rabbit and duck livers perfumed with truffle and country bread croutons

    terrine of slow cooked foie gras with toasted brioche and sea salt

    grilled housemade boudin noir with a sauté of potatoes, apples and onions

    Prince Edward Island mussels steamed with garlic and thyme with housemade fries

    choucroûte maison of housemade sausages and slow cooked Berkshire pork belly, cochon de lait, and knuckles

    1. YUM!
      I looked at the website; but can't tell...are they open 7 days a week?