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Mar 23, 2009 08:21 AM

Best Chicken in NY? Almost any style?

Hi All,

I am celebrating a birthday for my friend who is mildly obsessed with chicken. Any recommendations for place (or a dish of a place )with deliciously prepared chicken in any neighborhood in either Manhattan or Northern Brooklyn? Probably the only type of restaurant I wouldn't want is one that is themed only toward fried chicken. Broad question - I realize, but I am really open to anything from casual to upscale dining.


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  1. I love the chicken diablo (spicy) from Dell'Anima and the Roast Chicken with vegetables at Lil Frankies is also quite tasty.

    Oh and i hear L'Artusi serves a good brined then roasted chicken. But i've yet to have that.

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      Thanks for this! I will look into these.

    2. Yakitori Totto (55th/8th) dissects chicken parts into perfect jewels of flavor. Get there early because they always run out of chicken tail--the best part! Don't miss the chicken oyster either--the perfectly flavored piece of the thigh. Or the chicken meatballs with brown sauce dipped in quail egg...I could go on...

      1. The roast chicken at Barbuto in the West Village is spectacular.

        1. For a little more down and dirty : try Bon Chon chicken on 5'th ave and 32'nd, Korean double fried chicken wings. Or Pio Pio Peruvian whole chicken with many locations around the city, Always ask for extra green sauce. Enjoy.