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Mexican in Mamaroneck

Avalondaughter Mar 23, 2009 07:52 AM

It seems every time I turn around, there is another Mexican offering along Mamaroneck Ave. There is Lupita's deli, the luncheonette seems to have been offering Mexican foods on their menu for a while, O'Neil's, Juarez, Veracruz.. I'd love to try them, but I don't even know where to start and what to order.

What's good? Are any of them worth it? Which one would you recommend? Are there any foods at one particular place that stands out?

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    laylag Mar 23, 2009 04:22 PM

    I've not been overwhelmed yet. Had a very mediocre experience at Juarez, the restaurant (the grocery has great tamales on Sunday mornings) but we went when it first opened so maybe they needed to get their bearings. I have to say we did order tacos al pastor and unlike westchesterdiner's experience, they were some of the worst I've had, with those from taquerias in Mexico City being my gold standard.

    Lupitas is decent. Gorditas were good, tacos decent but nothing great, tamales not so much.

    Grabbed a few quick take-out items from VeraCruz during a parade and they were good but keep meaning to go back and try again.

    O'Neill's counter - Berta's I believe it is called, is more central american. Their tacos are not Mexican style - maybe Guatemalan or thereabouts. Their pupusas are quite tasty and the people (Berta's workers) are charming.

    Definitely try to get to the Juarez grocery early enough on a Sunday morning and order a bunch of tamales. Try one of each they're offering that day. If you can get a dulce tamale definitely go for it but they sell out really fast. The chicken mole and chicken chili verde are excellent too. They are quite large and, I think, $2 each or something ridiculously cheap like that.

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      westchesterdiner Mar 24, 2009 04:39 AM

      I agree that there is nothing overwhelming about the Mexican food in Mamaroneck - or Westchester as a whole. When I list "standouts" at a Mamaroneck Mexican Eatery, it doesn't even compare to the places in Queens or other places in the metro area. BUt.....when you just have to have some and don't want to drive....Juarez and Lupita's is what I recommend. You also have to remember that different regions of Mexico make dishes differently - just like anywhere else. I lived in the Yucatan Pen, and the tacos there a different from those of Mexico City.
      Laylag, I would love to know your picks in the area. Greenwich, Rye, etc. I'm always looking for great Mexican. Thanks.

      1. re: westchesterdiner
        adamclyde Mar 24, 2009 01:19 PM

        Sadly, even Queens is really deficient in good regional Mexican. I wish there were better mayan/yucatan, oaxacan, and sonoran options. But I won't complain too much as at least we can get very good central/pueblan mexican in Queens...

        1. re: westchesterdiner
          laylag Mar 24, 2009 01:20 PM

          You are totally right about the regional differences having spent a ton of time in DF on business and little to none in other areas I tend to expect my dishes prepared as they do it there.

          New Rochelle: Loved Little Mexican Cafe the first time- great tacos al pastor but then not as great second time. They are inconsistent but do have the awesome pozole. Mexican Corner can be excellent and then not as excellent, one time not good at all but they seem to be most consistent and comfortable for a casual dinner. Sopes are great as are the Mexican quesadillas. Avoid their mole though - too sweet. Their pico de gallo seems sweet lately and may have added sugar. El Michoacan is not a place you'd probably want to eat in, but for take-out, they have good tacos. Adamclyde, our resident Latin food expert, touts their carnitas and they are good.

          Closer to the 'hoods you mentioned...Port Chester: Tortilleria los Gemelos. Horribly uncomfortable booths - not made for American femurs - too short -- but the food is very good. Service is very slow though well-intended. Tacos are very good and they offer a mini-bar of pickles vegetables and radishes that I appreciate. Tortillas are not hand made but are made on site (they supply many restaurants) and are very good. Majority of the diners are local mexican workers. If you haven't, definitely give it a try.

          There's no Mexican in Rye at all and I'm not sure about Greenwich but I find the best, most authentic food is going to be found where Mexicans live, work, eat.

      2. momof3 Mar 23, 2009 02:38 PM

        I've eaten take-out from Veracruz and liked it very much. A friend of mine who is from Mexico says that their food is typical of the food from her village.

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          rich51 Mar 23, 2009 01:36 PM

          there is also chico's on halstead ave. which is good or the taco truck is back on 5th ave by city park.i preferred chico's to lupita's but both are a bit confusing if you do not know what to order,alot of the food is visible so just point or ask though

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          1. re: rich51
            westchesterdiner Mar 23, 2009 02:32 PM

            Hi Rich51
            Where is the taco truck? In Larchmont? Can you be a little more specific - it doesn't seem that 5th Ave runs into City Park. I'd love to try it.

            1. re: westchesterdiner
              rich51 Mar 24, 2009 12:56 PM

              the truck or trucks are parked on the street by the ballfieds on 5th ave.just make a left off chatsworth just past i-95 entrance onto 5th av (leaving Larchmont} they they are just before potter av. but parked on the ballfield side.i have only seen them once this yr. so it still may be a little early, they are there lunch time only 11-2or 3 i think

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            westchesterdiner Mar 23, 2009 12:29 PM

            I think at Lupita's the chorizo taco and adobada tacos are standouts. Make sure you get their fresh salsas to go with them.
            If you venture farther down to 626 mamroneck Ave - in "the bend" going toward The 3 Jalapenos- htere is Juarez restaurant. It's not the deli right in town and I don't know if it's owned by the same people, but the place is extremely clean and _I think_ the food is excelent. Their salsas are both very unusual adn good and the satandouts for me are the chili rellenos(some of the best I've ever had), the tacos al pastor adn the tostadas.
            Good luck, and let us know how all your eatings go.

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