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Mar 23, 2009 07:35 AM

Mexican Food - Bergen County

Can anyone recommend good not over pricey Mexican Food in Bergen County with Liquor License? Thanks.

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  1. I love Fiesta Hut in Rutherford...Best mexican in bergen country by far...and they have liquor license.

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    1. re: flashdahash

      This is not first hand information, I only know about this one from friends... (I don't care for Mexican). They rave about Mama Mexico in Englewood Cliffs.

      1. re: flashdahash

        Unless something drastic has happened, they don't have a liquor license (Rutherford is a dry town) --but you can BYO and they'll make you a margarita! :-) Agree that they food is terrific, though...I really like their mole.

        1. re: Curlz

          It's in EAST Rutherford, not Rutherford...Full bar.