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Mar 23, 2009 07:22 AM

New Earl's - South Common Edmonton

My wife and I ventured down to that "commercial gulag" of South Common last week to watch the Canadian movie, "One Week". The latter was quite good although to be frank I would wait until it comes out in "pay for view" or on DVD.

Nice travelogue if you are a Canadian and have visited spots like the Big Nickel in Sudbury, the Canada goose in Wawa, the Rockies and of course, our favourite spot Ucluelet, Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.

We were hungry and are fed up with the "dumbed down" asian [?] fare from OPM, Joey's, Milestones, Montana's and the like so saw what was a new to us at least Earl's across the parking lot.

Interesting set up inside. Same food and theme inside.

While speaking of "chains" I noted that the Cactus Club at WEM appears to be approaching completion. Seems to be a free standing building at the north east corner of the complex. Easy to spot with its dark brown/chocolate colour close to the Sears store. I guess they decided to set up apart from the other places on Bourbon Street like Earl's and Moxies.

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      1. re: Bob Mac

        and completely indistinguishable places - if you aren't looking at the sign, it is hard to remember which dark wood, leather and chrome chain you are in.

    1. Bob,

      What are your favourite dishes at Earl's? Just in case. Seriously.

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      1. re: felix the hound

        felix the hound:

        Probably not all that surprising but when do go there more out of habit and lack of alternative options than anything I often order the "bigger better burger" or the Jeera curry with accompanying naan.

        Occasionally we'll order the ribs and it can depend upon what is on their seasonal feature list. The sable fish was expensive but good .

        Quite frankly, I enjoy the variety and pricing of their wine list as much as the food. A bottle of decent Mon Amis red done by the Perrin brothers for the Fuller family fits the bill most meals.

        For a time they had Osoyoos Larose at a dollar or two more than what I was paying at the liquor store but that has been "corrected".

        1. re: Bob Mac

          Bob Mac: off topic, but where did you manage to find Osoyoos Larose at a liquor store?

          Thanks in advance,

        2. re: felix the hound

          I was forced to go to Earls last week for a business lunch and was not looking forward to it at all.
          I ended up ordering the Cajun Cheddar Chicken Sandwich and was very pleasantly surprised. The focaccia was probably why I liked it so much and that I was given the choice between regular and whole wheat focaccia was a nice surprise. The fries that went with the sandwich were also a nice surprise.
          I would definatly not be rushing back there but I may not dread a business lunch there as much as I did this last time.

        3. I'm curious at how the prices compare from one Earls to the next - are they the same? I had lunch at Campus Earls yesterday (usually just drink there, seldom eat unless I have to) and it was quite expensive. I had pad thai that was $17, probably worth...I guess I wouldn't feel ripped off for the same meal at $12 but no more than. Not much chicken, lots of shrimp but I would have preferred 3 or 4 big flavourful ones rather than a lot of small, flavourless ones, and the noodles were in 2" long pieces...seemed odd and harder to eat with chopsticks...
          Anyway, there were 5 of us, I think 3 had softdrinks the others water, and bill was close to $100 for a pretty mediocre lunch. I know things are expensive, but that seems a bit much.

          1. Went to the earls in Red Deer last weekend. I had the most amazing sandwich. It was chicken and brie on a whole wheat ciabatta bun. There were slices of apple on it as well, and the whole thing was baked. IT was stunning. ridiculously good, and I wanted another one right after. The salad it came with had lots of cranberries and sesame seeds as well and was very tasty.. for 11 bucks, I think I did pretty good.

            My other favorites on the menu are the california pizza, and the dynamity shrimp rolls, but they have really gone downhill and are cold ans usually soggy.. but that pizza is darn good.

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            1. re: retroville

              I love that sandwich - best thing that Earls has done. Not on the menu at the one I was at this week.

              1. re: Dan G

                I like the roasted beet salad, if it is still on the menu, and if they give you enough beets, it seems to vary.

                on a side note, I am actually looking forward to the cactus club, and to see what rob feenie has done to it. I enjoy the ribs immensely in Calgary, and will be happy to see them up here. I have not been to CC since the RF addition in Calgary...has anyone noted any changes?

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  saw the beet salad on the menu, but I've been eating so many beets at home over the winter I wanted something different. One colleague had it and it looked good.

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    Their menu along with the purported Rob Feenie input in on the internet if you google it.

                    I have not been to a Cactus Club since they had the spot west of the Tin Palace on Jasper Ave in Edmonton which is now a health [?] food store

                    1. re: Bob Mac

                      The menu sounds good. I am dissapointed to see only salmon under "fish", and no mention is made of what type of salmon or whether it is farmed or wild . I wish restaurant s in Edmonton would make the distinction. The halibut tacos might give me a reason to try them when they open despite their location