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Mar 23, 2009 06:29 AM

Southfield Michigan - Does Romantic and Good Dining Exist?

I will be staying in Southfield, Michigan next week and am looking for a restaurant within fairly easy driving distance (that doesn't require going into Detroit) that is both romantic and a good dining experience. The only thing I've come across in Southfield is Il Posto. Does this meet my requirements? And is there something else around but outside of (or in) Southfield that I should be looking into? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. If you lean toward the more spices/fish/veggie/grains type of menu, you could try Sweet Lorraine's on Greenfield. It's been there for a long time, and I'd call it romantic.

    Easy drive to downtown Birmingham (Woodward around Maple); two hours' free parking in garages. Many possibiliites (see and be seen at Forte, good seafood at Streetside Seafood). Probably someplace really romantic in there, too, but that's not my date hangout.

    1. Yes, Il Posto absolutely meet your requirements. They have Italian speaking waiters and bring the daily specials to your table instead of handing you a "special" menu. You can get a coupon at
      Not sure where you're staying in Southfield or what your budget is, but there are some other restos not far that would also fit your requirements.
      The Lark, only has 12 tables. We have gone there for anniversary dinners and you must make reservations far in advance. It's in West Bloomfield.
      Cafe Cortina,, wonderful and romantic, in Farmington.
      Tribute,, in Farmington. Haven't been there, but have heard good things about it.
      Not to discount what Jim M. has to say as he's respected on this BB, but I wouldn't go to Sweet Lorriane's for romantic. I find it noisy, busy and the kind of place I would go to in jeans.
      There are some good places in Birmingham to try. A new place called Forest Grill, has been getting great reviews. Forte is good, too.
      Too bad you don't want to go into the city as there are some good places there, too.
      Let us know where you end up.

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      1. re: grouper

        I guess it depends on what you find romantic. The word "vibrant" has been used to describe Sweet Lorraine's. Quite true, it's not a candlelight-and-cocktail dress kind of place.

        I have never been able to afford the Lark, but I have been to Tribute. These are high-end places that would certainly fill the bill. The Lark would be a bit of a longer drive.

        1. re: Jim M

          I think that The Lark is actually more affordable than you might think, Jim. Remember that the prices by the entrees reflect the entire meal's price, with appetizer, salad, entree, etc. The only thing that isn't included in the price is dessert and beverage. There's another thing, too: whatever you have, if you like it and want more of it (with only two exceptions), you can have more of it just for the asking. That's right: if you want another *entree*, they'll provide it happily inclusive in the price. Want another go at that fantastic appetizer? Absolutely. Salad? You've got it!

          I'm not defending The Lark as a bargain or anything, but I do think that there's some sticker shock when one looks at the menu until you really start to think about the all-inclusiveness aspect of the menu itself.

          And yes: I've enjoyed my experience there.

          1. re: Jim M

            The Lark is about 2 miles north of Tribute as the crow flies. Not that much further.

        2. Tribute is excellent, romatic and nearby Southfield:

          The Lark ... another wonderful, reliable, top-drawer choice:

          I notice that no one has yet mentioned Shiraz. They have
          never disappointed me.

          I also like Bacco Ristorante:

          Sweet Lorraine's is nice enough, but not especially romantic. I also fail to understand
          all the kudos given to Cafe Cortina - I give their food an OK+. Ambiance could be
          considered romantic, but their shtick is a bit too fake for me.

          If you're willing to drive ~10 miles; the food at Modern Food & Spirits is excellent; but it
          is not a romantic setting. The kitchen is almost on par with Tribute or The Lark.

          Ginopolis has several nice & intimate booths. The kitchen is good and seldom
          disappoints. If you let whichever family member is working that night, that this is
          a special/romantic dinner, I suspect they'll step it up a notch.

          Frankly; if the budget allows, go to Tribute or The Lark.

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          1. re: rainsux

            big fan of lark, bacco, and cortina

            sgiraz is ok, but i liked morrel's so much better

          2. The Lark would be my first pick followed by Il Posto for Romantic.
            Those two really stand out from the rest by a wide margin in the "Romantic" category.
            Sweet Lorraines would not be on my "Romantic" list.
            Forest would be an easy pick over Tribute which at least for us lost has lost it's appeal from years past.
            The Lark has been restaurant of the year more than once IIR and Forest is the current Hour Magazine restaurant of the year.

            1. My wife and I had our first date at Sweet Lorraine's, over 20 years ago. It's a better first date place than "get out the ring and propose" place.