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Mar 23, 2009 06:16 AM

Victoria Drive and 41st Avenue in Vancouver: quick reccos please

Hi all -- if I don't expire from the Lethal Cold I can't seem to shake, I will be going to an appointment near this intersection tomorrow night at 8 pm. I thought of Dona Cata for tacos dorados, Takarabune for nabeyaki udon or Kim Phung for pho so far. Any other ideas for something speedy but not fast food natch in that immediate area? TIA.

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  1. Not sure if this is still any good but I loved going to Mui Garden and getting the Hainan Chicken with a bowl of the special rice. Simple and tasty. Of course, it's been a couple years since I was there. *sigh* it was good.

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      Yum... Mui Garden's curry beef brisket is ridiculously addictive.

    2. Golden Swan for some good Cantonese. El Caracol - if you want to try a different Mexican joint. Kalvin's for some old-school Szechuan.

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        Thanks, guys -- had to reschedule the appt last minute but will keeps these reccos for the new date.

      2. Let's try again, been having trouble posting and yesterday it wipe out my entire post.

        Kalvin's a good choice. Next to Kalvin's is Nancy's Wonton. Their food isn't anything to rave about but they do offer a good late night congee and apps (da lang).

        Going south across from London Drugs, there is Oisi??? Sushi isn't great but their cook food is tasty. Not really authentic but good comfort food.

        By 41st and Vic, there is Sun Yee. Basic mom and pop place, good cheap set menus. Up another block is the old Pelican (can't remember the name) but the dim sum is good and again very affordable. Don't expect Kirin style dim sum here, you won't find it.

        49th and Vic, Neighbours Restaurant. Known for their pizzas, baked pastas and mediterranean food. It's not as good as it used to be. Pizza and calamari is still good but I find their baked pastas not worth it, nothing but pasta and runny sauce. Go to Sunrise if you want this type of cuisine.

        Further up Vic, there is Huang's Beef Noodle by 54th and Vic. Tasty beef noodles, small portions so order some of their apps.

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          I've been curious about Huang's Beef Noodle House. There is a Szechuan Hot Pot place right across the street too...I have not been. It isn't open for lunch which is right around the time when I usually drive past it.

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            Thanks right! I've never been to that hot pot placeand have been wanting to give it a try too.

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              i have to recommend Hin Young Vietnamese Restaurant on Victoria Dr near 49th. I think it's right beside Supreme Pizza. Pho is just ok, but their standout dish is their crab soup noodle and their cuttlefish cake soup noodle. Very tasty and a nice change from the typical Vietnamese cuisine.

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                Thanks, flowbee, that sounds cool.