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Mar 23, 2009 05:36 AM

Is There a Trick to Using Pancake Molds?

I recently tried to make pancakes using a set of circus molds and even though I left them in place until I saw bubbles, once I lifted the molds off to flip the pancakes, the uncooked batter ran all over the griddle. Would I have done better to use a thicker, buttermilk batter or is there another trick to getting these molds to work or are these one of those kitchen gadgets that never achieve the results shown on the box?

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  1. How about making regular pancakes and then using the molds as cookie cutters. That way you have your circus animals (or whatever they are) and the chef gets the leftovers.

    1. Use less batter than you are. The whole pancake should be almost cooked when you remove the mold. And, I spray/butter the molds, even though they're non-stick. Or used to because the shapes look like blobs even if they come out cleanly. Making little Mickey Mouse heads is easier and looks more identifiably like MM than the molds.

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        Hit it on the head. Definitely have to spray liberally, they stick no matter what. And yes, a light hand with the batter should work. You may even want to thin it a little - it's really trial and error.

      2. I'm pretty sure that I let the molds heat up on the pan/griddle, as well. Just another trick to try.

        1. The molds need to be as hot as the griddle and, as previously suggested, a little less batter helps. Keep the heat at medium or medium/low and let the cakes cook until most of the bubbles on top have burst. It does take practice to get them completely cooked and not burnt, but once you get the touch it's a piece-o-cake.