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Mar 23, 2009 12:04 AM

a question for bakers (sugar)

Hey chowers, I'm doing my best to drop those pounds before bikini season, and I need your help. I bake fairly often, and I've started replacing sugar for Splenda, for obvious reasons. I don't have a problem with the taste of the fake stuff, its the mouthfeel that leaves me wanting more. Is there any way to replace or replicate the texture that sugar gives to baked goods (the fudginess in brownies, the chewiness in cookies, etc)? Everything I bake with Splenda turns out cakey, which I detest, except in cake of course. Is there a way? Thanks

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  1. Sorry to say it but no. Use sugar maybe a little less add another type of liquid like maybe unsweetened coconut milk, fruit and vegetable purees to lesson the caloric load but don't take the sugar away for taste and texture reasons. Sugar adds not only sweetness but also moistens baked goods. I have learned to eat less or walk longer.

    1. Nope - sugar in a baking recipe isn't a liquid and it isn't a solid, and the thing it affects most besides sweetness is texture. You can trade some of the sugar volume for applesauce; butnot a lot.

      1. I wonder if you can add a tablespoon or so of molasses to every cup of splenda to give it a chewier consistency. It's how brown sugar is made from white and it makes the product chewier. It wouldn't add many calories since that's your concern.

        I looked it up. Here are some helpful hints (including adding molasses):

        1. "Is there a way?"

          Yes, and you can accomplish two goals here - make those close to you happy and be bikini-ready by diverting some of those baked goods to friends, family, and colleagues :-)

          Unfortunately, I'm with the others on sugar.

          1. argh. I was hoping for some magical calorie-free ingredient that I have never heard of. Oh well. thanks for the help everyone (esp chowser-- that website is really helpful!)