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Mar 23, 2009 12:04 AM

Food Revolution

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  1. Did someone clone Alice Waters? She seems to be everywhere these days.

    1. Interestingly enough, if you scroll down and read the reader comments underneath this NYT article, the posters there echo much of what was said in our recent Waters thread here, only the comments on the NYT website are perhaps moderated with a lighter hand than they are here.

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      1. re: Budget Palate

        Hmmm...I don't see readers comments. Do you have to be logged in or something to see them?


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I'm logged in to the NYT and I don't see comments either. Odd.

          1. re: pitu

            My bad. I had the wrong article. I will link this article here because it is also related to Waters and also out of the Times:


            Anyway it is called "Alice Waters and Obama's Kitchen Cabinet". It's an interview with Waters. By now we're all pretty familiar with what she's going to say. But it's the contentious comments underneath that reminded me of some of ours here.Only, those who wanted to step in and question why Waters was being so attacked were given more freedom.

            1. re: Budget Palate

              Ah, thanks. Now I know I'm not totally crazy/inept.

              Shoot, I wanted to read the "charming" Q&A from the Indianapolis Star the NYT article mentioned--about Alice's favorite food experience and must haves. I'm unable to bring it up, even by going to and searching on it directly. That would be an interesting read, I'm sure.


      2. Another article in the same vein. Seems to be a trend. Cannot be a bad thing.

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          Thanks for the link. Murphy seems like a pretty interesting guy. And this article brings in the cultural context that ties in with all the discussion going here. Some people would be more willing to listen a former football player from the midwest.

          "Iowans aren't vulnerable to the same charges of elitism as chefs in Berkeley or New York's Hudson Valley, and they have seen firsthand the consequences of factory farms."


          "Food Democracy Now also could help deflect long-standing charges of elitism against the sustainable food movement, activists say. With Waters, a Berkeley chef with a 1960s counterculture pedigree, as the movement's most recognizable leader, it's been easy for opponents to portray food advocates as a bunch out-of-touch yuppies from the coastal 'latte belts.' "