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Spicy Beef Noddle Soup

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Anyone know where they serve a hot delicious bowl of spicy beef noddle soup? There are not too many restaurants that serve this. Here's two I know of:

1- Garden Restaurant (153 Dundas Street West, Toronto. 416.596.0818 Corner of Dundas and Chestnut, 1 block east of University)

2- Oriental Cafe (9425 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill. 905.884.8678 )

If you know of any restaurant in GTA area that serve soup similar to the flickr picture, please post. ;o)

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  1. I've been on a quest to try all renditions of this in Toronto.

    There is Mei Nung at First Markham Place, it's their specialty. I find their rendition to be ok, I've had better.


    There used to be a stall in the food court of First Markham Place that did a great one, sadly they closed down. I've yet to find a replacement for it.


    A lot of the Shanghai/northern dumpling spots in the city will offer it. You're looking for red roasted beef noodle (紅燒牛肉麵). Ding Tai Fung, 369, Northern Dumpling Kitchen, etc....


    I've been meaning to try their version, haven't been yet.

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    1. re: aser

      Hi Acer,

      The one from First Markham Place has opened at Leslie/16th Ave (north of 16th Ave) plaza.

      I enjoy the braised beef noodle soup at Hot Spicy Spicy (Leslie/Finch) and of course other Szechuan dishes like dumpling in spicy soup and cold noodle.

      1. re: shir

        so 東菀/Oriental Cafe at Leslie & 16th is the same ownership as 東方/Oriental Delight ?

        if so this is very good news....

        1. re: aser

          Well I went by, and lo and behold, it is the same ownership. Obviously I ordered the beef noodle soup.

          Meat itself is top notch, as good as it was. The soup is very msg heavy, tasty the msg can be dialed back. The noodles on the other hand are standard factory noodles that suffered from overcooking. They never made noodles in house in the past either, but I did find that it was much more overcooked. Obviously prices have gone up since they're a restaurant, as opposed to a food court stall.

          I'll revisit, but still on the search for the perfect bowl.

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            I went by a few weeks ago and alas it has closed. Perhaps they'll resurface again elsewhere.

            Faults and all, this was the bowl I craved the most across the GTA.

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              Moo Beef Noodle in the food court of Midland/Silverstar Blvd is decent except Not spicy at all. But you can add hot taiwanese sauce on the side. No MSG for me. They have stinky tofu too I can smell it from 5 feet away. Will try the tofu next time I am there. Close on Tuesday?

      2. re: aser

        OK, so went to try them out:
        - Ding Tai Fung is very good.
        - I like Mei Nung also, but there's a different taste in the soup. Perhaps sesame? Have to try it again and see if I still like it.

        1. re: aser

          aser, I know the stall your talkin about in first markham place, they closed down last year, their chunk beef noodle soup was not bad, but was still better then other places I've tried. Thats why I kept going back to that stall when ever I had to get my fix. I was pissed to see it closed, so I had to start my search all over again. aser, I have found the ONE, you are goin to thank me for this rec. I stumbled across this place just by chance and saw chunk beef noodle soup on their menu - obviously I had to try it, and boy ....... was it delicious!!!!. The best ever chunk beef noodle soup I've had. I go there about once a week, and I've noticed that the soup is not consistent, I guess it depends on how busy they are, but sometimes the soup is alittle diluted, not as rich and flavourable - but only sometimes. Most of the times, it is bang on!, when you go there as many times as I do, there is bound to be some inconsistencies, but still No. 1 on my list. I'm not sure the address but there is a new industrial condo compex south of the first markham place mall, and there is a restaurant right at the corner, its strange to see a restaurant there because its an industrial condo complex. When you walk in, you will see all these bamboo steamers decorating the wall, nice place actually. If you need the exact address let me know, I will get it for you. They also make very good dim sum dishes too.

          1. re: ramseywannabe

            I'm guessing you're referring to "A La Kitchen". I've been there and the bowl I had was not very good. This was about 8-9 months ago, so it could've changed since.

            Wouldn't mind trying again but nothing I've had there has been very good.

        2. I like Mr. Sun's in the mall on Finch and Midland. He was the original guy from the restaurant on the southside of Sheppard and Glen Watford. His son was running Mr. Sun's for a while but I don't see them anymore so maybe they sold it too.

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          1. re: Wandering Foodie

            how is the spicy beef noodle soup at Garden downtown? I can't trek out to the suburbs but man those photos have me drooling!

            1. re: deabot

              I get this in Chinatown for like $6-something at the restaurant on the north side of Dundas just east of Spadina the first restaurant beside the laneway that is just east of Spadina. It's written on the wall board. It's really good :)

              1. re: girlstar

                Thanks for the rec girlstar-I think I know which one you mean. I will have to try it out soon. But man all this talk of great taiwan beef noodle in the suburbs is driving me batty and making me wish I had a car!

                1. re: deabot

                  I think it's called House of Gourmet. There are a few steps up to the restaurant and they have BBQ pork in one window and someone in the other window cooking congee and soup noodles.

                  1. re: girlstar

                    Yep it is house of gourmet-6.50 for a bowl. Tried it today for lunch and it was tasty although noodles were too thick for my liking-more like shanghai noodles in texture. The broth however was tasty-good spicy garlic kick to it. That being said, it was also my first time in House of Gourmet and I was wondering does anyone go here for their HK noodlehouse cravings downtown or is King's Noodle better? I typically hit up King's noodle for wonton/brisket noodle but this looks like a decent alternative as well.

                    1. re: deabot

                      I do like the soup in the spicy beef noodle soup too. Too bad the noodles aren't how you prefer them :( I've tried their other dishes at the House of Gourmet, the congee is good and their sui-gow-mein (sp?) are very good. It's always pretty busy so that's how we discovered it's pretty decent.

              2. re: deabot

                It's very spicy, great on a cold WInter day. You can ask them to tone down on the dry red chili. The noodle is the thick round type and it's served with chunks of tender beef and vegetables. The best!

                (On a side note, the restaurant acoustic is not too good and the conversation sound level can rise to a dangerous level -- enough to even cause headaches in some of my work colleagues. But otherwise highly recommended and always busy at lunch time).

              3. re: Wandering Foodie

                Are you referring to Taiwan Noodle House? That's the corner restaurant in the same plaza as Pho Hoa. That place makes the best spicy beef brisket noodle as far as I'm concerned!

                1. re: ultimate4g63

                  Yup, that's the one. Give Mr Sun's a try? If you prefer the "older style" noodle when the previous chef was at Taiwan Noodle House, you might like Mr. Sun more. I think the beef is also slightly more tender.

                  1. re: Wandering Foodie

                    I agree that the spicy beef noodle soup at "Lao Li" aka the "Beef Noodle House" is one of the best. I did notice a change in management, but didn't know the chefs changed. But after reading this thread, I'll have to check out "Mr. Sun's" is it called? Is this located in the plaza right on the north west corner of Midland & Finch? I think there's a taco bell in that plaza or use to be.

                2. re: Wandering Foodie

                  Sun's is my favorite place for spicy beef noodle soup. Good rec! I wholeheartedly agree.. I've eaten at quie a few other Taiwanese restaurants too.... this one is the best that I've found.

                  I didn't know he was the original guy from "Lao Li".. Sheppard/Glen Watford.. though I know that place has gone downhill since I liked it from years ago. The First Markham Place noodle house is just alright... there's a taiwanese snack shop on Birchmount, between Sheppard and Finch.. that's ok as well.. Didn't have the Deli Viet version (before it closed down) And even considering the various Taiwanese eateries around Metro Square area... Sun's is still the best spicy beef noodle soup. Don't hesiste to try their other Taiwanese fare as well!

                  1. re: vincechan

                    I tried Mr Sun with a frined on Friday and it was good. Probably Garden Restaurant downtown is still my #1, and this is #2. Note that the one at Chile Secrets uses thin noodles (some like this, too)...

                3. I have been meaning to get up a post on this subject, but haven't had a chance yet. Have you tried the aptly named "Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant"? It's located in Agincourt (Scarborough) on Sheppard, just West of Brimley. I think it's across from Dragon Centre and in the same mall as Congee King and a Pho 88. I'll try to get some photos up on Chowhound soon. In the meantime, you can browse through my flickr site. It's there somewhere under Beef Noodle Soup. Good luck!

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                  1. re: BokChoi

                    This is actually the new Taiwan Noodle House. From what I have heard, it is exactly the same, but new owner. Same staff, same food, same menu (with a sticker over the old name!).

                    1. re: ultimate4g63

                      Really? I had went a couple of months ago and it was still the Beef Noodle Restaurant that I remembered from a few years back. Thanks for the update.

                    2. re: BokChoi

                      there's a pho 88 there now??? *must visit toronto again soon to see more changes*

                      1. re: MeXx

                        I don't remember which Pho it was, but there is one of those Pho Chains there (and it's been there for several years). You have probably seen it before. Cheers!

                      2. re: BokChoi

                        Yes, I was gonna post about Beef Noodle Soup as well... Oh man, so good. Remember to ask them to go extra spicy... then they'll ladle a scoop of their spicy oil, which, some may find too oily, but some may find adds to the adventurous spiciness that they were looking for. My mom would be one of them. Me, not so much. I always add the spicy condiment that they have on the table, the "dou ban jiang." Its the best dou ban jiang I've ever ever had, and I had just come back from Hong Kong... I just brought a friend there recently, and she said that it was one of the bests that she's had as well. However, some say that they could get just about the same at a lower price (its priced at $6.99, I think, there)... but for something that's close by to me, I love it.

                        1. re: BokChoi

                          Is this the "Lao Li" beef noodle soup restaurant that was mentioned in the threads above? If this is the one, this used to be a taiwanese joint way back in the days.. got taken over.. so now cantonese speaking (maybe HK) owners reside. The beef noodle soup is (imho) bleh..

                          If you want the original good stuff.. the previous chef opened Mr. Sun's Noodle House in the mall on Finch/Midland where Vietnam Noodle Star is.

                          1. re: vincechan

                            They're still Taiwanese there. But yes, they understand Canto.

                            1. re: vincechan

                              I went to Mr. Sun's cuz I wanted to compare the beef noodle soup with Lao Li's and the outcome is...I prefer Lao Li. The beef was more tender at Mr. Sun's but didn't enjoy the noodles, vegetables or broth.

                          2. THANK YOU ALL!

                            I've come to see that this soup comes under different names: hot spicy beef, braised beef, etc. and at different spicy temperature, noodle type, etc. My favorite is when it's just a bit spicy, served with thick chunks of tender beef, lots of vegetables, and large round or flat noodles. All good as far as I am concerned, and meaning to try each and every one of your recommendations. Thanks much!

                            1. Is the noodle soup under discussion here the same or similar to Taiwanese Xin Ming Noodle soup? I lived in Chung Li for a summer an fell in love with this dish and would LOVE to find a place in the city that serves it or something similar.


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                              1. re: yoyodyne

                                More or less since every restaurant seems to cook it with a slight variant, some spicy, some not, some with chunks of braised beef, some with thinner slices, etc...

                              2. I tried northern dumpling kitchen's version a few days ago. Overall, it was passable, nothing memorable.

                                Noodles used were of the thinner variety, the broth had average flavour, lacking any bold beefyness or heat. The stewed beef was quite tender actually, but again lacking strong flavour. I would suggest sticking w/ their other dishes instead.

                                The hunt continues, next one on the list is the one offered at the Metro Sq. food court.

                                1. I had a few really spicy beef noodle soups for breakfast in Chengdu, China. The noodles were wheat, the beef was diced very finely, almost to a ground beef consistency and the spicing was heavy on the chili oil and sichuan peppercorns. It made my mouth numb. There were also some pickled greens tossed in. It made for a hugely satisfying breakfast. There was another noodle breakfast that was meaty. It wasn't really in soup, but had a dollop of a meat and peanut spicy sauce on top of the noodles, that was to be mixed together with the noodles. Are there any places that offer a list of noodle soups or noodle bowls as breakfast food? There was a chain across China that had an American sounding name that served some of these soups at breakfast and throughout the day. The soups were of fast food quality, but the concept was good. You order your soup (or other dishes), pay and get a number. Find a table and a server delivers your order, along with chopsticks and a spoon. Multiple servers are on hand to clean up as well, so tables turn over quickly. Oh, how nice it would be to have this option, along with the standard breakfast/brunch joints in Toronto!

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                                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                                    Anyone know what happened to Mr. Sun's? They closed down a while ago

                                    1. re: blarg

                                      I heard Mr. Sun sold the store and closed. Too bad.

                                      But I found a new place close to where I just moved. If people want a good Taiwanese version of Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, check out WikiStar, it's near Yonge/Finch at 15 Northtown Way where the condos are. Small bubble tea shoppe with a green sign, that's mainly for nearby residents to order takeout food.. there are 2 small tables that can sit no more than 3 ppl, but if you're with someone, or by yourself for lunch... check out the Beef Noodle soup, it's best if you can eat it hot there. The broth is deeply flavored, noodles are good... and maybe the beef can be braised longer for melt-away texture but the flavor is just fine.

                                      Beef Noodle Restaurant
                                      4271 Sheppard E, Toronto, ON M1S4G4, CA

                                      1. re: vincechan

                                        Would you believe it's only now that I got to visit WikiStar? Anyway, I ordered for takeout since it's really too small to enjoy sitting in there. They cooked the Spicy Braised Beef Noodle Soup while I waited. Note that if you park around the roundabout, you need to pay parking. Free parking is available if you go straight to the next street, turn right into the Metro parking and turn right again for retail stores parking. Flavor is good and yes, beef is not as soft as I was hoping.

                                        Since the Oriental Cafe on Leslie seems to have gone down a bit in its quality, and I am too far to go downtown to Garden Restaurant, I am still in search for the next best spicy beef noddle soup.

                                        On a side note, I have been going often to Kenzo (the one on Yonge near Steele Ave, not the Sheppard one) for their Ramen soup (I go for the Tonkotsu Ramen). Avoid any of the soup that is marked spicy and/or have bean sprouts since the pepper masks all taste and the bean sprouts just ruin everything.

                                  2. Lee Chen Diner @ Yonge & Bloor makes a mean spicy beef noodle soup. Don't know about authenticity, but I liked it!!

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                                      I like the broth at Lee Chen but the beef shank is too chewy for me.

                                    2. Some of my favorites:
                                      -Hot Spicy Spicy (Finch & Leslie)
                                      -"Da Cheng" (Finch & Midland) - very thick broth
                                      -Lee Chen (Yorkville)