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Mar 22, 2009 10:26 PM

Road trip: Las Vegas to Texas

Son and girlfriend and possibly husband (especially if girlfriend's parents decide to freak out and not let her go...) will be driving from Vegas to New Orleans sometime around the first of June. I wish I could go on the road trip....but I have two conventions in June and can't miss any more time off work. But I can plan: So any ideas on good road food along the way? They want to drive long days but good food to sustain them is always good. Their route will take them through Flagstaff on 40 and on to night's stop is to be at my husband's sister's house in Tucumcari, New Mexico (yeah, I know..but at least she'll cook for them there....). I'll post on the South and Texas boards as well.....ideas welcome!

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  1. Cuvee 928 would make for a nice lunch in Flagstaff. Their panini are excellent and they have an extensive by-the-glass wine selection if you are into wine.

    Turquoise Room in Winslow would also be a nice place for lunch. The La Posada hotel is an interesting place to check out. It is somewhat of a mini museum.

    That's my section of the drive.

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      I second La Posada.....It a wonderful respite between Flagstaff and the NM Border.
      I love the quirkiness of Tina Mion art.
      My Mother and I have enjoyed many a lunch watching the trains pass by!

      In Gallup NM I like Earl's restaurant. The food is solid American w/ a few native dishes on the menu. The salsa is great!
      While you are dining at Earls...many of the locals are coming by selling their pots, jewelry, It's quite an experience.

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        Good suggestions. And of course, if they stop at La Posada they can sing about standing on a corner...oh, never mind. Keep them coming!

    2. Milan, NM I 40, Pat's Chile Parlor. Albuquerque; The Frontier is open 24 hours on Central across the street from UNM has great green chile and burritos and Padilla's is good New Mexican food.
      Scargod and I will be driving my bro's little red Miata, which I have just bought, from Henderson to New England along I 40 then secondary roads to Austin and I 10 to NOLA and Jacksonville and then up to Savannah and I 95 back to Maine. We arrive in LV April 16th and will leave the 18th. We each have children in Austin and hope to make the Bob Marley Festival there on 4/20! We will post along the way.