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Passover Chocolate flourless cake (or better suggestion welcome)

So... Have been invited to a sedar - very excited to go for reasons far beyond the interests of this board. Bf thinks I cannot cook (and he is somewhat right) so want to wow him and guests with excellent Passover pastry. Thinking flourless chocolate torte (cake?) as that seems minimally difficult to screw up and will probably taste very good. But I am open to any ideas... Must be relatively simple, and relatively inexpensive - unfortunately cannot afford super-duper chocolate, etc. etc. The family does not keep kosher but will be keeping the Passover traditions... (if that matters)...

Also with your ideas PLEASE send recipies and/or sources.... I am CLUELESS!!! :-)

Thank you!

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  1. i love the mock chesnut torte recipe on epicurious. i use trader joe's pound plus belgian chocolate which is pretty cost effective. it's hard to screw up, but I always do a ganache frosting in place of the water-based frosting. it's fluffier than the usual flourless torte.


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      I made this too and people really liked it; it's also much healthier than my usual flourless chocolate cake (butter, eggs and chocolate only) No one will guess about the sweet potatoes. It goes very well with a raspberry coulis. If you want to be strict, be careful with your chocolate to make sure it's soy lecithin free (Trader Joe's isn't, unfortunately) and I couldn't find corn syrup-free canned potatoes, so cooked fresh ones.

    2. Hey...I browsed a bit for a recipe. I've never personally tried it, but it sounds pretty cool!


      1. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

        This is a really delicious cake. I would be happy to eat it year-round! If you can't find the special passover cookies that are in the recipe, just substitute any other dry passover cookie (not a moist macaroon) and it will be fine.

        1. Try the chocolate orbit cake, invented by David Lebovitz and posted on the Scharffen Berger chocolate website:

          It's really easy and, if you use top-quality chocolate, delicious. If you buy the Scharffen Berger 62% baking bar (9.7 ounces), the recipe comes with it in the card inside. You can't go wrong with this one. Do take the time to line the bottom of the pan with parchment. Otherwise it *will* stick to the bottom.

          1. We'll be doing a variation on the Moosewood Cookbook maple-walnut pie. The guts will be straight out of the cookbook, replacing butter with olive oil. For the crust, we'll mix matza meal and olive oil. P.S. might want to check with the hosts if dairy ingredients are OK or not. Thank you.

            1. i made this one a few years ago:

              and my mother has requested it on her birthday ever since. As is probably true with all of these recipes, the quality of the chocolate is probably the most important thing.

              1. Cook's Illustrated bittersweet chocolate mousse cake is really good.

                1. We like fruit based desserts with heavy meals (and Passover is usually the HEAVIEST). Have seen Ina Garten do meringues both individually and in large pie plate covered with whipped cream (slightly sweetened) and mixed berries. Was thinking to do this for our family seder this year, perhaps substituting lemon curd for the whipped cream.

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                    I've seen this recipe and it looks awesome. My grandma used to make a variation of the dish as dessert on passover. Only difference was that she made mini meringues, served lemon curd, whipped 'cream', and berries separately. That way everyone could make their own how they liked it, and leftovers wouldn't get soggy,.

                  2. I love this recipe from Alice Medrich's Pure Dessert -- an Italian chocolate almond cake.


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                      milklady, I recommended this Italian chocolate-almond torte on another thread about passover desserts. I love this cake, and it's definitely preferable to have a naturally pareve dessert like this, so no margarine substitutions are necessary!

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                        I totally agree -- recipes that don't need to be faked for passover are best.

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                        I made the recipe for the Italian chocolate almond cake. I melted the chocolate discs in a half cup of hot water. Place the almonds, 1/2c sugar and salt in the food processor and combined it with the melted chocolate. Beated the egg white with 1/2 c sugar and slowly added the chocolate mixture to the egg whites. Baked the cake for 25-30 minutes. I used a cut out circle of brown paper bag instead of parchment paper. Cooled the cake 20 minutes and placed in the refrigerator.

                      3. my mom's choc mousse, sorry can't share the recipe :(

                        I also think I ma going to make some macaroons, never made any before

                        I have made ghiradelli's triple chocolate truffle cake?? go to the website it's really good.

                        1. Last year, I made a flourless chocolate pear torte that was wonderful:


                          1. What about chocolate covered strawberries? They're a wonderful dessert after such a big meal. Easy to make, travel well and most everyone has room for one or two. You could probably get away with a 2 or 3 of bars of Lindt bittersweet 65% and strawberries are on sale at most supermarkets, so its a relatively inexpensive dessert for a crowd. Good luck and have a lovely Seder.

                            1. I really love Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cloud Cake. Use whatever chocolate you like.


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                                A year later, thank you everyone for the recs. I wound up buying something last year...but am going to try again this year! I think I'm going to try the flourless chocolate pear torte that was mentioned. Though the Nigella cake looks good too...as does everything else! :)

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                                  Don't forget Rose Levy Beranbaum's Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte. http://www.realbakingwithrose.com/rec...
                                  It isn't pareve (or artery-friendly), but it's pretty amazing. And only having 3 ingredients gives it an extra wow! factor.

                              2. I'm doing one from epicurious tomorrow night. Three ingredients. I'll let you know how it goes. To make it pretty I'm going to get a paper doily from the dollare store, put it on top of the cake and sprinkle with icing sugar. Then I will carefully remove the doily. Should end up with a pretty pattern.... or a blob of icing sugar

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                                  Here is the one I made:
                                  I baked it for 20 minutes and it was soft in the centre as a recipe said. It did not firm up. It was a bit puddingish. I wish I had left it in another 5 or 10. The taste was good but it was too goopy. I will try it again to see if the bake time needs to be adjusted but I was not impressed....don't want to screw that up when you consider the cost of 16 oz of belgian chocolate.

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                                    It's interesting--very similar to Rose Levy Beranbaum's Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte, but cooked at a lower temperature and with less butter and fewer eggs. RLB's has never turned out puddingish at all for me. It's amazing how small variations can make such a difference. Maybe you should try hers instead?

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                                      Changed my mind...going out now to get ingredients for the Oblivion truffle torte...it looks super simple! Hopefully I won't mess it up! Thanks...

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                                        I love that the eggs don't need to be separated. Also, I like to use Reynolds Release Foil on the inside of the pan instead of buttering and lining it. Regular foil on the outside to protect from seepage. Good luck with it & let us know how it turns out. It is VERY intense!

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                                          thanks deb - I'm looking at two versions of recipe - should I use bittersweet chocolate? Or what type? Thanks-

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                                            My recipe says bittersweet, but I've used Scharffen Berger 70%, Nestle semi-sweet morsels, and Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% dark. I usually use the Trader Joe's --it's affordable and good for this (and brownies). They were all good. I once baked 2 at the same time, doing a blind taste test between Nestles and Scharffen Berger with my gourmet deli co-workers. There were about 20 votes for Nestle and only 2 for Scharffen Berger. I'm guessing it's because the Scharffen Berger was more bitter and less sweet. I recommend saving your money.

                                            Yup. I called it intense, but your son is right, julesincoq! I'm thinking of making it and serving it with minneola sorbet instead of the raspberry coulis. Hope it cuts the chocolate enough.

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                                        I let it sit for about 2 hours before I served it last night and it was way too soft. I put the leftovers in the fridge last night. Mmmmm that's the trick!! It's so good. My son said this isn't cake it's a f##ing truffle!! It is pretty yummy cold. Not sure if that is how it is meant to be but i'd do this again and serve it cold with some raspberry coulis and fresh raspberries.

                                  2. Too late most likely, but I would like to suggest for the future: The Eton Mess ( Nigela Lawson or Jamie Oliver/use Trader Joes Meringues); Boccone Dolce or the Autumn Meringue Torte. By far the easiest is the Eaton Mess.