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Mar 22, 2009 08:53 PM

Nick's Cafe and Shank & Evenlyn's- Report

Both of these South Philly places are classic spots where a Chowhound could go crazy eating some wonderful food. Top prize goes out to the roast pork sandwich at Nick's Cafe. This is a delicious wet sandwich served on a round roll. I liked this better than Tony Luke's. Since their sign touts the roast beef, I figured I could have the best of both worlds by ordering the gravy fries. They have a generous portion of gravy and roast beef ladled on top. Outrageous.

At Shank's and Evelyn's I tried the roast beef. It comes with hots and pickles and if you ask, a bowl of gravy. Served on a sub roll, this is a damn good hearty sandwich. The trays of breaded cutlet and eggplant sitting next to those of rabe and griled spnach looked fantastic.

I plan on returning to both.

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  1. Are you referring to Nick's at 20th and Jackson? Their roast beef is unbelievable.

    Thanks for reminding me about Shank's. I had forgotten all about it. I haven't been there in years. My favorite menu item was the homemade chicken cutlet.

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      Yes, 20th and Jackson. The roast pork was outrageously good. You should try that the next time. The cutlets looked awfully good at S & E.

    2. Steve you are doing some good eating between this post and Rangoon!

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          Thanks to the Philly Chowhounds. I did my research on these boards. Let me know if you're ever in the DC area.