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Mar 22, 2009 08:50 PM

Grill Room's New Menu/Chef

Has anyone heard anything about the new menu and chef at the Grill Room? Went there for a business dinner a while back, but heard they had re-vamped everything.

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  1. We had a wonderful dinner there on Friday night. Service was great, food wonderful. I will put together a full trip report and post it soon. The menu can be found on the Windsor Court's website.

    I had charbroiled oysters and a veal porterhouse. My wife had carpaccio and a strip steak with butter-poached lobster. We shared collard greens (!) and a wonderful truffled risotto. We allowed our waiter, John, to select our wines, and he seemed very excited about being able to share some of his favorites with us.

    After we retired to the Polo Lounge and enjoyed the jazz trio while sipping after-dinner drinks. All in all a great evening.

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    1. re: Andrew in Alabama

      I'll be looking forward to that review. It was Sept., when we dined there, and were very impressed. Will be interesting to see what has changed.



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        I can't wait to read the review. Thank you!

      2. Here is my report, including the report on Grill Room:

        Hope you enjoy it.

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          Thanks Andrew! Your detailed prose regarding the Grill Room has made my dining decisions much easier.

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            Glad I could help... we had a great experience there... hope you have the same.