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Mar 22, 2009 07:41 PM

Real Challenge - Southeast New Mexico

We are planning a drive up through Las Vegas, New Mexico out through the National Grasslands to Capulan Volcano and on to Clayton where we will spend the night. Anyone know of good places to eat from Las Vegas up to Clayton and then back as far as Santa Rosa?

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  1. From looking at the map, the Kiowa National Grasslands are in Clayton, NM. Also, this is in northeast New Mexico, not the southeast part. You may get some replies with better information. We've eaten at The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas a few times and it was decent but nothing to remember.

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      Best thing to do in Las Vegas, NM is to drive right past it!

    2. In Santa Rosai, Joseph's is decent
      Joseph's Bar & Grill
      865 Will Rogers Dr
      Santa Rosa, NM 88435

      (505) 472-1234

      1. Probably too late for this, but you have to stop at the Eklund in Clayton and have the green chili burger. Open face burger, fries on top, and green chili with cheese on top of everything! Wander on into the bar, have a beer, and peruse the pictures on the wall, most notably the ones featuring Black Jack Ketchum, who was publicly hanged in Clayton.