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Mar 22, 2009 07:37 PM

A Year of Food Books (not cookbooks)

I hope I'm putting this post in the right place. This year I'd like to read almost exclusively food-related books. I don't mean cookbooks, though I love to read those too. So I'm looking for some suggestions. Here's what I have on my list so far:

Cornbread Nation Vol. 1-4: The Best of Southern Food Writing
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine - Elizabeth David
Fried Chicken: An American Story - John T. Edge
Apple Pie: An American Story - John T. Edge
The Tummy Trilogy - Calvin Trillin
The Art of Eating - M.F.K. Fisher
My Life in France - Julia Child

Any suggestions for additions to this list? I've read most Bourdain and Ruhlman books. I've also read Heat by Bill Buford. I've just added Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen by Laurie Colwin to my wish list. I seem to keep eyeing The Kitchen Diaries: A year in the Kitchen with Nigel Slater but it hasn't made it to my wish list for some reason.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions for me? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Michael Symons' The Pudding That Took a Thousand Cooks: The Story of Cooking in Civilisation and Daily Life

    My fave food book yet.

    1. I can't wait for the late September release of "Far Flung and Well Fed: The Food Writing of R. W. Apple"
      Johnny Apple was a foreign and political correspondent for the NYT, but he indulged his love of food from the most humble to the haute everywhere he traveled, and wrote about it with joy and skill.
      It didn't matter if he was discussing a Michellin-starred meal or the joys of Silver Queen corn on Maryland's Eastern Shore, he loved it all.

      Sign up in advance

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        Thanks for telling us about the new Johnny Apple book coming out in September. Both my bf and I are big fans. One of his favorite restaurants, Equinox, is also one of my personal favorites in DC.

        Can't wait to read this new book!

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          I'm just finishing Far Flung and Well Fed and absolutely loved it, one of my two favorite books on food this year (the other being Gastropolis, on food in New York). What a treat to read him again. The man could blow your socks off write: describing pho broth as "It glittered in the mouth, the way homemade bouillon does and beef stock made from a cube doesn't.", "vegetable dumplings, as sheer as a stocking", and so much more. It also includes his appreciation of Taillevent under M. Vrinat, where it was my great good fortune to celebrate a signal anniversary with one of the best meals of my life, in true luxe, calme, et volupté. The book took me back to the glory days of food writing, when such stars as George Lang, Lilian Langseth-Christensen and Joseph Wechsberg were active. Read this book!

        2. You are going to love Elizabeth David, MFK Fisher, Julia Child and Calvin Trillan. The classics.

          I just read Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilema, very well written and compelling.

          I would also recommend Ruth Riechl and John Thorne.

          1. "The Perfectionist" by Rudolph Chelminski is a good one. I'm about to read his "I'll Drink to That" about Beaujolais wine.

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              I didn't know he had written another book. If you can get a copy of his "The French at Table" , that's a good one, too. It's a little older, but timeless.

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