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Mar 22, 2009 06:48 PM

Frozen bread loaves - Vancouver

My kids....ok, I love it too....have taken a fond liking to freshly baked white bread. I think I bought a bag of 5 loaves at Superstore, but apparently they aren't stocking it anymore.

Has anyone seen frozen loaves out there? They're really handy....focaccia, quick pizza, Monkey Bread.....the possibilities are endless, but I'm a purist - warm out of the oven, with a quick slather of butter.

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  1. I've seen them at various places - Bosa, La Grotta, a few bakeries (Calabria on Victoria Dr) ahead to make sure though.

    I've been making bread from the "No-Knead" method (published in the NYTimes)'s great and no work at all. My kids love it.

    1. Thanks are, like, the local authority on....everything! Being Italian, Bosa is one of my haunts (believe it or not, Mr. Bosa, in the 1950's, loaned my father the money to buy his first house.....on a handshake. No pay....sleep with the fishes).
      Thanks for your help. I really should make my own, and I do when I have time....but on those lazy daze......

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        I found frozen dough...(pizza dough, not loaves) at Bosa this morning (I was stocking up):

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          Great Bosa story, Qc. And you're right, fmed's omniscience is verging on eerie :-).