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Trop 50- Tropicana 50% less sugar OJ

OK ...so....I buy this today...on sale for the usual rip-off of 2 for $7.00......didn't realize till i get home that honey they shrunk the container from the standard 64 ounce to 59 ounce.....so reduce the container...reduce the sugar hmmmmmmmm

and what is that Stevia plant that the sweetness comes from? I'll wait till AM to open it...what are your thoughts on this OJ?

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  1. I don't plan on buying it. In Tropicana's own words, it's a "An orange juice beverage with vitamins."

    They've done more than reduce the size of the container to remove natural sugars from the natural O.J., leaving an adulterated product to which they are adding back Vitamins, and Stevia. Stevia is a Latin American herb; more on Stevia here: http://health.usnews.com/articles/hea...

    I'll stick with the real deal.

    1. It sounds like a ripoff to me. It's basically watered-down orange juice with artificial sweetener added. You can dilute it yourself, and add sweetener to your taste.

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        Stevia is not artificial - it's not sugar like cane sugar, but it's a naturally growing plant.


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          and another problem is, that the entire package is deceptive! We are supposed to think it's Orange juice through a big glass of something looking like orange juice and a huge photo of a sliced orange. HUGE. And very very little on the back it says 42% juice.
          How can that even be legal?
          And I agree with you, just buy REAL orange juice, dilute it down with water and save yourself some fruit sugar if you have to. But this stuff is just really bad and tastes disgusting.

        2. I don't understand why real juice needs any sweetener at all. Seems very odd to me. Anyone have an explanation?

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            They're adulterating their regular orange juice to remove calories -- advertising 50% less sugar content. Don't know precisely what they're doing, and they're not likely to say, it being proprietary information/process.

            Anyway you slice it, they've removed natural sugar from the fruit juice to create, not "real juice" but a juice beverage, and feel compelled to add back an artificial (yet supposedly natural) sweetener; in this case, Stevia.

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              As a diabetic, I welcome these products. I used to love a glass of juice in the morning - orange, apple, blends - it didn't matter. Once I found out I was diabetic, I had to give it up. An 8 oz glass of juice has almost as much sugar as a can of regular Coke.

              The President's Choice "Blue Menu" line features two products I really enjoy - their Apple and Tropical Orange "cocktails" (by law, they can't be called "juice"). The apple flavour offers a crisp, clean drink, while the Tropical Orange is a blend of orange, mango, pineapple, and passionfruit juices. Both have about 9 g of sugar per cup. That's a still a lot of sugar for me, but if I'm careful about everything else, I can handle it.

              Is it real juice? No. Does it taste like fresh-squeezed? No. Does it taste better than Crystal Light or other mixes? Yes. Is it a welcome addition to my breakfast? Absolutely.

              It's not a case of "adulterating" their product; it's a case of altering it to produce a beverage that can be enjoyed by the approximately 10% of Americans and Canadians who suffer from some form of diabetes. If you don't like it, don't drink it. I, for one, am glad there are finally some choices for people like me.

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                As other people have pointed out, it's just OJ with water added and flavorings added so it won't taste watery. You can do the same thing at home for half the price by watering down your OJ and adding a pinch of Tang.

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  And your evidence for this is? Perhaps they have found a process which removes sugars, and they've added other ingredients to restore some flavour. Unless you've got a press release or know someone at Tropicana, this just sounds like opinion.

                  1. re: KevinB

                    Will the ingredient label do?

                    Ingredients: Filtered water, not-from-concentrate pasteurized orange juice (in other words, the water was *not* used to reconstitute concentrated orange juice), malic acid, citric acid, natural flavors and vitamin A. The other vitamins and minerals are listed separately.

                    So it's half as much sugar because it's half as much orange juice (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it's as much as half orange juice, although from the listing of ingredients on the label, it might not be). Plus, it's "pulp free" so it doesn't have any fiber, either (dietary fiber: 0, according to the label).

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      "Plus, it's "pulp free" so it doesn't have any fiber, either (dietary fiber: 0, according to the label)."

                      Fiber is listed as 0g on the 'lots of pulp' version of the regular Tropicana OJ too.

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                        And what I meant to say was that the 'lots of pulp' lists fiber as 0g which means it has less than 0.5g.

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                    were can you find Tang these days?


            2. I bought some oj yesterday and realized it was this Trop50. It tastes disgusting. I'd rather have orange drink than Trop50.

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              1. re: yttri

                My roommate had it. It does taste like an orange drink, not juice

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                  It doesn't taste very good -- like a typical artificially sweetened drink with an unpleasant aftertaste. I was going to complain to Tropicana, but after seeing KevinB's post, I realize the stuff isn't all bad, and it's definitely a better alternative than a completely artificial drink mix for those who avoid sugar. We should all just do the healthy thing and drink tap water! Though I don't really like tap water all that much...

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                    Tang, anyone? Although Tang would be an improvement!

                  2. Thanks for posting about this. I had a carton in my hand yesterday, but thought better about it and put it back on the shelf. Now, I'm really glad I did.
                    No thank you!!

                    1. Bought a carton for $2 on close-out at WM, almost bought one weeks earlier for $3, glad I didn't. Won't be buying anymore of that crap.

                      1. Check the rest of the label besides the sugar content. Potassium level would be a dead giveaway for me. I've had a tropicana oj that was advertised as less sugar. It basically tasted like and read as orange juice diluted with water.

                        1. Unlike Florida's Natural, Tropicana does not use all US oranges. This makes me not
                          want to drink any of their products.

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                            Didn't Tropicana already have a Orange Juice out that was Reduced Sugar? I recall buying it a couple years ago back like in the Summer 0f 2006. I don't recall it being Vitamin enhanced though. Tropicana Light??? Hmmm

                            1. re: manomin

                              Hmmm....I'll have to give Florida's Natural a try. :)

                              1. re: mcsheridan

                                Natalie's Orchard is way better. Pasteurization is done differently, to preserve more of the flavor notes.

                              2. re: manomin

                                I love Florida's Natural but can't find it anywhere I shop these days. It's either Tropicana or Simply Orange if I want non-concentrated OJ, and SO seems to be a bit pricier for the size you get.

                                1. re: manomin

                                  Thanks for this tip. Do you know if Simply Orange is US oranges?

                                  1. re: rockandroller1

                                    Simply Orange, like Tropicana, uses oranges from the US and Brazil.

                                2. Just drink fresh orange juice and dilute it with water if you want to cut the sugar. Florida's Natural is my favorite. Of course picking them straight off the tree is best, but I don't live in Florida anymore.

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                                    Think it's like how they make reduced sodium soy sauce- just add water! Tried it and don't like it at all. First ingredient listed is "purified water". Should have been a clue. Not only did they mess up the packaging, but the product as well.

                                  2. Yeah, it's nasty. Why couldn't they just leave OJ the way nature meant it to be?
                                    It tastes like watered down OJ or even Orangade like. Not wasting my money on Trop 50 anymore.

                                    1. Trop 50? They ought to call it "Trot 50" after the number of times I had to trot the the bathroom after drinking it! It tastes horrible to boot. I'll stick to plain ol' Oj and walk an extra block for the calories.

                                      1. I enjoyed it actually. My dad is a diabetic and on a strict diet lately, so it is quite good for him. Juxtaposed to the regular Tropicana, it is less sweet. But I find Tropicana too sweet for my liking.

                                        1. I've always found conventional OJ (pastuerized or from concentrate) to be too sweet.. I tend to go for GF instead. I will water my OJ down with white tea sometimes. If someone is diabetic, why not just eat a whole orange? It has a lot less sugar than the juice of several oranges that make up a glass.

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                                            I do eat oranges (and apples and grapes and even some melons from time to time), but most mornings, I'm rather pressed for time. Usually, the breakfast sandwich I make is eaten in the car, along with coffee. But I like to get some vitamin C from a natural source, and I do truly enjoy the flavour of apple or orange juice. (Grapefruit, while I love it, is not an option; it interferes with my medications.) I sip my juice while I toast my muffins, poach my eggs, and griddle my ham (for my homemade McMuffins). It's a welcome addition to my morning ritual, and I feel the commercial cocktails are much tastier than watered down OJ.

                                            1. re: KevinB

                                              I say if it works for you, you like it, and it seems worth the price, then go for it. I can't imagine having to deal with diabetes. Although I can fairly easily live without chocolate or candy, I'm still a sugar lover. I love juice, homemade jams, Vietnamese coffee, etc. Maybe the Reduced-Sugar OJ folks can join up with the Margarine Anonymous club (see thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/620319 ). ;)

                                          2. I just opened my new box of Trop 50 this morning. I still cannot get over how awful it really is. It is not by any stretch of the imagination orange JUICE, that is why it does not say it on the packaging. It is a beverage. The day I bought it, I had a coupon, and thought "Well, how bad could it be?" I got my answer this morning. Read the ingriedient label. They take out the juice, add water and that stuff Stevia,,then add some starch to give it some "mouth feel." Bingo, it now has half the calories, and one tenth the taste. Who thought this one up? Sorry Tropicana, this is a one time purchase, and I will go back to your REAL product, Tropicana Orange JUICE, not from concentrate, coupon, or no coupon.
                                            By the way, the Stevia leaves that awful "aftertaste" sensation that all artifical sweeteners seem to do. Some people do not notice it. I find it very unpleasant.

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                                              Stevia isn't an artificial sweetener, it's an herbal plant that actually has blood glucose lowering properties. Has an off taste, for sure, though some folks don't taste it, same as with artificial sweeteners.

                                            2. Stevia? Sure Tastes Evil, Vile, & Instantly Atrocious

                                              1. My wife accidentally bought this stuff. The nasty aftertaste is very, very similar to aspartame. This no longer tastes like orange juice.

                                                I'm glad that diabetics have a healthy alternative to aspartame and artificial sweeteners though.

                                                I would gladly drink something with less sugar and NO sweetener if I am worried about sugar intake, but that's just my tastes!!

                                                1. OMG I am so glad to see that somebody else feels the way I do. Do they think we are idots? You don't have to read the label to know they have watered down and added articifal sweetner to it. I also spit it across the room when I took my first drink this morning. I am sadly disappointed at the product, but more disappointed that we have been lied to and believed it! All i wanted was some thing good to drink in the morning that wasn't loaded with sugar.Take a look at the labels next time you pick up orange juice. Take the grams, and divide it by 5. If you get 25 grams of sugar (average amount in OJ) you have just drank 5 teaspoons of sugar. Come on.......give us something healthy in the morning Please!

                                                  1. Deceptive packaging...didn't know they made 58% watered down OJ.

                                                    Watered down and overpriced...just like Light Beer which is watered down "real" beer.

                                                    I prefer the read thing in a reasonable quantity and a glass of water 'on the side'. Empowerment!!