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Radish Fetish

I eat radishes the way some eat apples.......
big bites into the rich transluscent core
which arouse my senses
I buy them with the greens attached
occasionally trimming them, sometimes forgetting to
trim them from the greens....until the rotting stench of the greens permeates
the fridgidaire..at which point i trim and rinse, removing a lil bit of each end

I avoid the bagged radishes you sometimes see in the grocery
for they are without the slow burn

any radish fetishers, please share......

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  1. I love radishes and also eat them as a snack. I hate the fact that most grocery stores only carry the common red radish. Luckily I live close enough to a HEB Central Market that I can occasionally satisfy my craving for the more uncommon radishes like icicle, plum purple, French breakfast, or just a Easter Egg bunch. Yum.

    1. Always a snack around my house.

      I don't eat the greens.

      Radishes are the only thing I do buy *every* time I go to Whole Foods. The 'fancy' ones...

      1. I'm a great fan of French Breakfast which is more more peppery than the common globe shaped ones. Luckily the supermarket usually has them, at least in season.

        1. Am a huge radish fan but had this weird period of absolutely CRAVING them (and almonds too) and apparently this was the result of anemia. Now, with an iron supplement I have moderated my radish consumption but I lstill ove them, particularly on brown bread with butter and a pinch of salt. If you like your radishes a bit mild and are not too friggin' lazy to remove the leaves, which inevitably become revolting after a few days in the fridge, you can keep them refrigerated in a bowl of water. This takes the bite out and keeps 'em fresh for a long time.

          1. Oh yeah, radishes are a very favourite treat of mine. I love going to the farmer's market for fresh, different varieties, but I will still buy the supermarket ones if I'm jonesing. :D

            1. I love radish, too. I mostly go for the daikons, in the winter they are sweet. I eat them almost every day in a salad. I also cook them in their own greens. Here's my recipe if you'd like to try:


              It is a disappointing grocery shopping for me if I don't get a lovely radish at the market.

              1. I love radishes and eat them plain or with a little butter and/or salt. I've also been known to eat radish sandwiches (hey - they serve tiny versions at tea, why not a whole sandwich!) My new recent favorite is a watermelon radish - slightly smaller than a tennis ball, light green on the outside and when you slice it it looks just like a slice of watermelon! Crisp and peppery!

                1. Sauteed radishes with a little butter, salt and pepper is wonderful, maybe a little dill or parsley.

                  Growing up having a big garden we used to make radish, cucumber and onion salad. Now I make it as a salsa over fresh grilled fish.

                  Also great grated or thin slice on turkey burgers with grilled onions and mushrooms.

                  In tons of salads and great with avacado. I make a salad with avacado, mango, red onion radishes, jicama and a citrus vinaigrette. Easy and great. Serve with some parmesan crisps.

                  Cucumber, seared tuna and radishes with fresh cabbage and a light soy and citrus sauce is great wrapped up in springs rolls

                  Radish, fennel and grapefruit salad, my friend makes this all the time.

                  Radishes are great as a garnish over soups, great in veggie salads like a roasted corn salad and even great in fruit salads.

                  Cannellini beans, radishes , shallots, carrots, red pepper roasted, fresh cilantro and a lime vinaigrette is also great as a chilled side dish.

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                    Just made the radish and red onion "pickle" for skirt steak in the recent Fine Cooking Mag. I could put it on everything I believe!

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                      Sounds good, got a recipe? Or is it just a standard pickle? I love simple garnishes like that.

                  2. Love radishes! Most people see them and ask “What’re these red things in the salad?”

                    Ordinarily I eat them raw or roast them with other root vegetables, but now I am inspired to further explore the realm of this oft overlooked vegetable.

                    Thanks for this thread because now I have some great things to do with them.

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                      The side dish sauteed is great. Sometimes I add a shallot too. It is so different and great.

                      Also, great shredded with shallots and sauteed spinach, red pepper flakes and lemon with balsamic.

                    2. love love love the radish..
                      just bought 3 bunches for a $1 and they were big, beautiful and excellent..dipped in fleur de sal..yum
                      Chino Farms has some fab purple radishes when in season.

                      1. Yesterday I made a big platter of sliced radishes on toasted baguette slices with herb butter and salt. My 7-year-old asked for some in her lunch today.

                        1. Oh, I LOVE radishes too! We grew up eating the 'French Breakfast' radishes simply cleaned, trimmed and served with unsalted fresh butter. We dipped the radish into the butter, (which should be fairly cold too) and then sprinkled with a bit of salt. I still eat them this way at times, although I love all the different radishes served in different ways. I usually always have them sliced into my salads. If I'm trying to watch calories, a plate of raw veggies, including radishes and a small dish of a home-made lower calorie Ranch-style dressing is a marvelous but filling snack. The spicy radish seems to dampen the appetite quickly. I've never tried them cooked though, I'm not sure how that would be, but pickled radishes are something I make very often, simply 'marinating' thinly sliced radishes in rice-wine vinegar and salt. They are SO good. The bad thing is that it is after midnight here, I have NO radishes on hand, and am suddenly craving them. I don't think any other food is going to make me happy right now, not even the left-over piece of steak from dinner. Not even a bowl of coffee ice cream from the freezer. Nothing else. I.Want.Radishes.Now!!!!

                          1. Don't forget the greens - they are tasty when braised as you would other tougher greens like beet and mustard. Free food!