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Mar 22, 2009 06:24 PM

Radish Fetish

I eat radishes the way some eat apples.......
big bites into the rich transluscent core
which arouse my senses
I buy them with the greens attached
occasionally trimming them, sometimes forgetting to
trim them from the greens....until the rotting stench of the greens permeates
the which point i trim and rinse, removing a lil bit of each end

I avoid the bagged radishes you sometimes see in the grocery
for they are without the slow burn

any radish fetishers, please share......

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  1. I love radishes and also eat them as a snack. I hate the fact that most grocery stores only carry the common red radish. Luckily I live close enough to a HEB Central Market that I can occasionally satisfy my craving for the more uncommon radishes like icicle, plum purple, French breakfast, or just a Easter Egg bunch. Yum.

    1. Always a snack around my house.

      I don't eat the greens.

      Radishes are the only thing I do buy *every* time I go to Whole Foods. The 'fancy' ones...

      1. I'm a great fan of French Breakfast which is more more peppery than the common globe shaped ones. Luckily the supermarket usually has them, at least in season.

        1. Am a huge radish fan but had this weird period of absolutely CRAVING them (and almonds too) and apparently this was the result of anemia. Now, with an iron supplement I have moderated my radish consumption but I lstill ove them, particularly on brown bread with butter and a pinch of salt. If you like your radishes a bit mild and are not too friggin' lazy to remove the leaves, which inevitably become revolting after a few days in the fridge, you can keep them refrigerated in a bowl of water. This takes the bite out and keeps 'em fresh for a long time.

          1. Oh yeah, radishes are a very favourite treat of mine. I love going to the farmer's market for fresh, different varieties, but I will still buy the supermarket ones if I'm jonesing. :D