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Does anyone know if Taqueira El Fuego in Richardson has closed? It is at the SWC of Campbell and Plano Rd. Their website is gone as is the phone number on Google.

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  1. They are still open. I ate there on Friday.

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    1. The last time I was there six weeks ago they gave me a flyer for their new location in Grapevine. I haven't been there yet but when I move to Lewisville in a few months it will be much closer so I plan to be there a lot.

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        Does the flyer have an address for the new location?

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          go to page 3 to see their Cert of Occupancy

          2638 William D Tate Ave.

          Looks like its right where 121 & 360 link up.

          If you go and its open....let us know.

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            I just drove by this address and it is in a small strip center on the 121 SB side service road (from the north, once crossing over 114, do not get on 121 - if coming from the south, you need to take the Mustang Dr exit and come back around.). For those familiar with the area, the strip center is anchored with a Texaco station and a neighboring "wand-style" car wash.

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              I drove by here last saturday hoping for a buffet and they were closed! Anyone know what this location's hours are?

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                That's too bad - I hope they haven't closed permanently. I was there on Fri, 8/7 (see post below) and the owner was saying he wasn't getting the traffic that was promised (no doubt by the building owner or realtor). I don't doubt it as it's off the beaten pat and difficult to get to/locate. If he sat there all Sat. morning with no one coming in - maybe he just went home. FWIW, he told me he was open on Sat., but not Sun. I assume you were there the following weekend from me. I'd call.

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                  Right, I was there on the 15th. Lights and sign was off, all the chairs were stacked over the tables. The shopping strip was totally dead. I hope they don't end up closing!

      2. here is their address and phone number on Google if anyone wants to go there.

        1. Thank goodness, they'll stay in Richardson. They're opening (or they have opened) the second one in Grapevine.

          1. Is El Fuego menu driven or is it a buffet. I just went by the Grapevine loc (drat, not open on Sun.), looked in the window and it appears they have a short serving line??

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              The serving line has different lunch specials every day and the buffet (saturday only) has various items that rotate around. You also have the option to order from a menu.

            2. Any suggestions on what to order? I'd already eaten, but I drove by today and stopped in for a menu. It was great to see a woman making fresh tortillas.

              I definitely want to try the huitlacoche and flor de calabaza quesasillas. It Anything else anyone can reccomemend?

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                I order the lunch special almost every time. Green rice (or red), black beans (or refried) and 2 items. The mole poblano is my favorite in north Dallas and I really like the cactus as well. We've also had tacos al pastor, tortas, tostadas and everything has been well above average. Not a big fan of the chile rellenos or lunch special enchiladas.

                Make sure you get the fresh corn tortillas. I need to just go through the entire menu sometime but the lunch special usually wins me over.

              2. RE: Grapevine location.

                They're off the beaten path in a small strip shopping center on SB 121 between Mustang Dr. and Hall-Johnson. Good food. No alcohol, but didn't think to ask about BYOB. Closed on Sunday.

                Was just in there Fri. early evening for the first time. Very good combo plates plates of beef, pork, chicken and sausage. Outrageously good guac! The owner (Achilles) recommended a mushroom quesadilla for my next visit. Unfortunately, also said their location is doing them no favors. They just are not getting the traffic they hoped for. Friday night at 7 pm, there was only me, my friend and another table of 2. So if you are in or around the area, throw some business their way and if you like them, tell friends and neighbors.

                1. Grapevine location is CLOSED. New owners (Nana's Kountry Cafe) is moving in.

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                    Grrr, they should have given us chowhounds a chance, there was a lot of hubub.

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                      Nice thought, but unfortunately, I don't think a handful of hounds could have made much of a long term difference. Ultimately, the problem was their location - virtually NO visibility, NO easy access and NO ethnic diversity in the immediate area (the one neighborhood that could have supported them likely has higher aesthetic expectations), though I think the later to be the least of the problem.

                      Reasonably close and not too far away on Mustang is a relatively large Hispanic neighborhood, but I’d venture to guess their loyalties are with the very long lived Taqueria El Campeon – also on Mustang.

                      Achilles told me he was the 5th restaurant in the space. That said, for any restaurant at this space, it’s just a very poor location. Had it not been mentioned on Chow, I'd have never known it was there and I’m 5 minutes away. So as unfortunate as it may, I don’t think El Fuego @ Grapevine stood a chance from the onset.

                  2. Happy to say they are (very) alive and (very) well. I had lunch there today for the first time. Incredible! After Aquiles (the owner) implored me to try the chicharron gordita (this after 3 carnitas tacos) I figured, OK, my brain hadn't discovered that my belly was full so I went for it. Unbelievably good! I felt like I was having an "Anthony Bourdain experience". Next time (at Aquiles' recommendation) I'm having the chicharron quesadilla. " It's nothing like a gringo quesadilla", Aquiles assured me.

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                      Are you referring to the Grapevine location or the Richardson location? (Aquiles is who I talked with during my one visit to GV)

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                        My brain doesn't know anything about my belly, twinwillow! That is so (right on)! I totally know what you mean about Anthony Bourdain "experience," heh heh ... oh well, time for you to get back to the eats blog. scurry up!! Lol.

                      2. Taqueria El Fuego has expanded their hours and they are now open Monday through Friday from 6 am to 9 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 9 pm. I found out about this restaurant from the board some time ago but have never been able to go for dinner until last night because they would be closed . Usually I go there almost every Saturday for their breakfast burritos (which are really like tacos).

                        We were the only ones in there which is a shame because their food is so good. I decided to get the Tampiquena plate which came with a mini quesadilla and an enchilada along with a plate of rice and beans. The steak was very thin, seasoned well (although they were a little heavy on the pepper) and huge. It was hanging off the plate! It was quite tasty. The quesadilla, just Monterrey cheese and corn tortilla, was delicious. I will have to have an order of those next time I go! I couldn't even get to the rice and beans as I was so full. My boyfriend had the enchilada trio which he enjoyed as well. My dinner was a good deal for $12.99, two people could easily split it.

                        Just wanted to share their new hours and say I am so glad I found out about this place from you guys...it's fantastic!

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                          Extended hours at El Fuego is FANTASTIC news.

                          I had the Tampiquena plate the last time I was there thought it was great - don't really remember if it was heavy on the pepper though...but then again, I like a lot of pepper.

                          Can't wait to head back over for dinner!

                          Thanks for the heads up.

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                            That's good to hear about extended hours, their business is doing great. I can only remember a single occasion when I've had the place to myself, otherwise it's not unusual to see a crowd during lunchtime and the saturday buffet.

                          2. Aquiles told me he had changed his hours to stay open for dinner after they received all the (well deserved) positive press lately.