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Mar 22, 2009 06:00 PM

Good eats in Clearwater area

I am heading to Clearwater this week with my 15 year old son to check out Spring Training and the Phillies. Looking for good food. We like pretty much everything. I have heard that Tarpon Springs has some great Greek restaurants. Let me know.

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  1. I'm not a fine dining gal, but more of a cheap eats person. Here are the places in and around Clearwater that I enjoy.

    Pierogi Grill, on Gulf-to-Bay by Highland: Their pierogies are just like my grandmothers.

    I'm a fan of Placy's Italian Beef sandwiches.

    Smokin Out, a BBQ place across from the Clearwater Courthouse on Fort Harrison. Their smoked fish spread is great and I think I need to go soon to get my smoked chicken fix.

    It's not Clearwater but in Largo, I like the Italian Beef from- Chicago Grill and Dog House at Ulmerton and Belcher.

    I like Crabby Bill's Beachwalk atmosphere and their mahi mahi - yeah it's a beach dive, but it has live music and I like it. I couldn't tell you about their shellfish, but their grilled fish and fried fish have not let me down. The balcony is great for people watching and beach watching.

    Rumba on Gulf to Bay at Keene has great food - "Caribbean" food and a nice relaxing atmosphere. They have a quarter chicken with candied orange that is great.

    Cristino's Coal Fire Pizza on Fort Harrison

    I keep meaning to try Raga on Alt. 19 in Clearwater since I tried their chicken biryani, but haven't driven over there yet.