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Mar 22, 2009 05:53 PM

B&G restaurant week menu

With the improving weather, my 9-year-old daughter has dug out her rollerblades, and instead of ordering dinner in tonight, we rollerbladed over to B&G. We arrived a little after 7, and although the place was fairly full, we were able to be seated at the counter right away.

I generally am not a fan of restaurant week, and generally avoid restaurant week menus, but B&G's looked appealing. There were three set restaurant week menus: an oyster menu, compising baked stuffed oyster, an oyster po'boy and dessert; a lobster menu, comprising lobster arancin, lobster boulliabasse and dessert; and a "classic" menu, comprsing a salad, a salmon preparation and dessert. (If you click on "news and events" on the B&G website -- -- you can see the full restaurant week menu.


I decided to give the oyster menu a try. My daughter ordered a lobster roll (which, at $25, is cheaper (not cheap, just cheaper) than I recall it being in the recent past).

The baked stuffed oysters were tasty. Three large oysters baked with buttered breadcrumbs and chorizo. The oyster po'boy wasn't a po'boy so much as a oyster roll. A buttered-and-toasted pepperidge farms roll stuffed with fried oysters and too much tartar sauce. With some pickles tossed in and tabasco sauce added, it was quite tasty. It was definitely on the small side, but then again B&G is not one of those places that's about quantity.

I didn't get to try the lobster roll, but my daughter enjoyed it. (In general, the B&G lobster rolls don't look as good as I recall them being several years ago. Although they still are mostly lobster meat with just a little aioli to hold it together, the meat is not as chunky as I remember.)

After finishing our meals, our waiter brought us over a complimentary serving of calamari. (Not sure why; perhaps there was a mistake in the kitchen.) My daughter and I were plenty full by that point, so we just picked. We split my restaurant week option, chocolate pot de creme, for dessert.

Overall a very enjoyable evening.

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  1. Great review, thank you!

    We were in today for a mid afternoon snack and the place was bustling around 3. Good for them.

    Like you, we aren't RW fans, but the RW menu did look good. I also remarked to my fiancee that the lobster roll seemed much cheaper. Didn't it use to be $40? The appetizers, at $14, also seemed cheaper--I think they were once $16. They also seemed to have a larger, more noteworthy set of entrees, all priced at $25. Not sure when the menu changed, as I might just now be noticing a switch from 6 months ago. I'm pretty oyster focused when there.

    We ended up skipping the RW menu and, since we were only in for a "snack," had two glasses of Prosecco and 20 oysters (2 of each -- they were out of 2 varieties). As always, B&G isn't cheap, as that came to about $70. But the oysters are the best in town, give or take a Neptune.

    We too sat at the bar, which is my favorite indoor seating. I don't know why parties of 2 would want to sit at a table when they can sit in front of the oyster shucker or chef. I like B&G's decor, although that outside patio, with the wild grape vines growing around the tops of the walls, is lovely in the warmer months.

    Service was good.

    Like you, a very enjoyable experience.

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    1. re: rlove

      The lobster roll never was $40, but I recall it being in the high $20s ($28, perhaps).

      We sat on the opposite side of the counter from the oyster shucker. If anyone spends time watching the chefs on that side -- who are responsible for all of the hot dishes -- you can see what technique and care goes into the preparation of the dishes.

      1. re: Blumie

        Checking the archives suggests the price used to vary by lobster's market price. I see reports of $24, $25, $29, and $31.