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Mar 22, 2009 05:49 PM

recipe help - pasta with cabbage & bacon/ham

I recently saw a recipe online for pasta with ham or bacon (not sure which). You added a egg at the end to make it like a carbonara. for the life of me I cant remember where I saw the recipe and I am dying to make it. Anyone else see this recipe? Please please please direct me to it. I have been searching all of my usual food sites to no avail.

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  1. Carbonara-like pasta with cabbage intrigued me--I googled ingredients and came up with this:

    1. You need a *recipe*? Sounds like a technique to me. Make some pasta. Fry bacon or diced ham. Toss everything with melted butter or olive oil and a beaten egg. It ain't rocket surgery (smile).

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        Yeah, I've been doing this for years but I've never used a recipe for the original carbonara and consequently, not for the cabbage-enhanced version. I use onions in both. Saute diced bacon or pancetta until half-done, add garlic and onion, then when the onion has turned translucent, shredded cabbage. When cabbage is soft, add white wine to deglaze but leave everything in the pan, just stir well. Mix into cooked pasta that has been stirred with egg, parsley, and grated cheese (plus heretical cream if you want to stretch it). Use black pepper liberally.

      2. Needing/wanting a recipe isn't a bad thing. I have plenty of friends who don't feel comfortable enough in the kitchen to 'make things up'.

        I found this recipe that you could easily sub the brussel sprouts with cabbage. I'm going to try it out too! Looks yummy.


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          Thank you! That looks fantastic. I throw shredded veg into my pasta quite often- it's makes for great leftovers too.

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            I'm flattered that you suggested it! I hope it worked out for you. I'm going to miss brussel sprouts now that they are out of season.

          2. I've fooled around with this recipe a lot and it's forgiving. You can use a heartier noodle than egg noodle and then finish off w/ beaten egg yolks, and use less broth, for a more carbonara like dish. And, more bacon is always better.