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Mar 22, 2009 05:17 PM

Los Molcajetes, Las Vegas

Made a last minute decision to try Los Molcajetes last night. Went solo since my fiance was out shopping late with her mother and they had already eaten. The area around the restaurant is so-so but the inside atmosphere was very pleasant- not fancy but not underwhelming either. I ordered the Beef Molcajete...and I have to say it was awesome. It was beef strips (with sort of a smoky flavor), cactus, avocado, scallions, tomato, lime, and chili peppers in a red sauce that I loved even though I couldn't explain what was in it. The dish was big enough for 2 normal sized eaters combined with the tasty tortilla chips and very spicy salsa and the eight or so corn tortillas they threw in with the meal. Again, awesome meal, one of the best I've had in my trips to LV especially given the price (13.99). The service was good also, a nice plus.

The restaurant has more of a seafood focus but the menu is pretty extensive and there are a lot more things to try. I will definitely return either later this week or on my next trip out (I am from NYC).

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  1. Thanks for the report. I have been meaning to get over there for months. Maybe yet another positive review will help me get off my butt and make time to eat there.

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      I'm hoping to try it as can someone give a more exact location? I think its on Eastern? Cross Streets?

      1. re: janetofreno

        1553 N. Eastern, just south of Owens (north of Washington).

    2. My Fiance and I made it out to the east side to try this place tonight and all I can say is WOW.

      We had the combination molcajete and it is indescribably good. I cant put my finger on exactly how they make that sauce but it is rich, spicy, salty, savory, unctuous, and delicious. The combination dish was loaded with tender chicken, beef, shrimp, ribs, green onions, nopales, avocado, roasted jalapeno, and a few cubes of salty, crumbly Mexican cheese.

      It was $16.99 and we shared it and couldn't finish it. Total bargain.

      if you like Mexican food, do yourself a favor and head over there. Thanks for the tip Chowhounds.

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        Gee, thanks for making those of us that finish an entire Molcajete while dining solo feel like gluttons. It really is the sauce that does it, with a combination of a lot of different chiles creating a deftly balanced mix of heat and flavor, and the proteins and vegetables bringing so many different textures (usually some radishes as well). So it is difficult to stop eating, even down to using a tortilla or spoon to get every last drop.

        One slight caution for visitors, however - this is not a place to wear a good shirt or blouse, or anything white, if you plan on ordering one of the Molcajete's. The stains are not easy to remove, and eating a bowl without generating a stain or two is not easy.

        1. re: QAW

          Glad you spoke up...I found that the Molcajete was just about right for one!! What does that say about me and my gluttony! And I agree about the shirt...

          I think its all the tortillas you use to sop up the sauce that fill you up.....

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   are right about both. I could've probably finished it myself if I was really hungry that evening but this was our 2nd meal of the evening...I guess I'm the glutton :)

            Also, we both wore white shirts! DON'T DO IT! Those are now in the trash :)

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              We visited Los Molcajetes on our recent trip and had an enjoyable experience. I did discover that the original chef, Robert Arte, the owner's son died several months ago. Here are some relevant comments from my trip report notes and a few photos:

              This small family-owned restaurant, situated in a working class neighborhood, serves authentic Mexican fare. We were served warm tortilla chips and a watery, but spicy salsa. Based on my extensive pre trip research we started off by sharing a very good burrito with pork in a green chili sauce. We also shared a unique creation served in and named after the 3-legged stone tool, molcajete, used in Mexico to grind chilies and spices. This artfully presented dish included, in our case, a combination of beef, chicken, shrimp, nopales (cactus), scallions and slices of avocado in a rich red chili sauce and served with flour tortillas. You grab a forkful of anything or everything, place on a warm tortilla, fold and enjoy. It proved be very tasty, but more than we could finish even after I abandoned the tortillas and started eating with a fork. The restaurant is cash only.

        2. Anyone know if there are any vegetarian options on the menu?

          1. Can anyone who's familiar with the area give me an approximate distance/cab fare idea to Los Molcajetes from downtown (Fremont St) ? I love the idea of going -- but, won't have a rental car this trip.

            Los Molcajetes
            1553 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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              You're looking at about 3 1/2 miles each way from Fremont st to Los Molcajetes, located at the corner of Eastern and Owens

              Los Molcajetes
              1553 N Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

            2. Instead of a new thread, why not bump up an old one?

              For too long a literal desert for Mexican cuisine, Las Vegas has developed quite nicely on that front over the past decade, mostly through mom-and-pop places with specialties from particular regions. From a Chowhound perspective, many of those are not easy reviews, however, because there can be an inconsistency from visit to visit. Not so with Los Molcajetes, which continues to exhibit a dedication to quality ingredients, and the savvy to use them well.

              Just finished an overdue return trip, and am more than happy to report that there is a new Molcajete on the menu - Camarone Agua Chile, which are raw shrimp in a lime/chile bath. There were eight butterflied shrimp to the order, and their freshness held up against the tart/spicy mixture (real hints of a ceviche going on). Also in the bowl were radishes, red onions, cilantro, cucumbers and plenty of avocado, with fresh tostada shells to spread it all on. And a spoon to get as much out of the broth as possible. Just damn good stuff, after starting out with the once-again splendid home-made salsa.