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mac and cheese

looking to order great, gourmet mac and cheese in large quantities -any suggestions? also, need to buy lemon bars...

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  1. Lemon bars you should call up Susiecakes for (if they still make them). Mac and cheese, that's Kate Mantilini. There's precious little else on the menu that would make me go there, but their mac and cheese is killer.

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        Second Joan's for the mac n cheese. They cater so I'm sure they can make any quantity you need. I bet they would also do lemon bars.

      2. Check with Auntie Em's. Pretty sure they have both.

        1. Bay Cities Deli in SaMo would be a good one to try for good mac and likely to do large quantities.

          for decadent with truffle oil, try Elements Kitchen in Pasadena.

          Nook Bistro does a great panko crusted version - call and see if they can do in large quantity...

          Mastro's Steakhouse does a gorgonzola mac... again, call to find out.

          i'm not a fan, but people like Pete's downtown's gourmet mac'n'cheese.

          honestly, though i may get flogged, Koo Koo Roo does an incredible mac'n'cheese, though not gourmet, just rich, crusty, and good.

          LEMON BARS:
          Surfas does Lavender Lemon Bars... need to call ahead to order

          Jamaica's Cakes fabulous

          Hotcakes Bakery

          Europane (if you'd prefer valley)

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            These are great suggestions, and I fully agree with your rec of Koo Koo Roo.

          2. Just had a really good mac & cheese that had garlic and some herbs from Blue Star Cafe.
            15th Street just west of Sante Fe in Downtown LA. I also had a really good Lemon Pudding thing from Sweets for the Soul in Atwater on Glendale Blvd.

            Blue Star
            2200 E 15th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

            Sweets for the Soul
            3169 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

            1. There's a mac 'n cheese home delivery service called Paddy Mac. It's delicious, and they do parties.


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                Cosign this; I'm a M&C fanatic, and theirs are unquestionably some of the best around, though you will pay for it.

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                    Paddy Mac spends their Sundays at a couple of farmers markets. If we could get them closer to Big Mista' -- which sets up in the Atwater Village FM on Sundays -- understanding the meaning of life might be within reach.

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                      LOL, so true sbritchky, so true. On Sundays Paddy Mac is set up at the Studio City farmers market, so what I am thinking is swinging by it first to pick up the M&C, then heading out to Atwater to pick up some Big Mistah's -- ever since I read about his 'cue I've been salivating.

                      Growing up with a good bit of family living in Lockhart, TX (an absolute BBQ Mecca!), I've been hardpressed to find GREAT 'cue here in LA, though my research certainly is not exhaustive ... yet.

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                        I was in Lockhart last summer and plan to return next month. Big Mista' went to school at San Marcos, less than 20 miles away, and understands brisket. His is not quite at the Kreuz Market level, but it's very good, especially the fatty or crusty pieces. His greatest achievement, however, is the tender, crusty, juicy pork ribs, and I'd love to have them with equally great mac 'n cheese. (Evidently, Big Mista' serves a fine mac 'n cheese on occasion, but you never know when it will be on the menu.)

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                          I had his pulled pork with coleslaw, OMG it was great. One thing, they forgot to put any sauce in my bag. It was still a great sandwich!

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                          Well, I went out of my way to hit one of Paddy Mac's farmers markets, last weekend but was dissapointed to find that they only sell it for take home.

                          I was all revved up for a big plate of top grade Mac 'n Cheese, but my only options were sample cups with 3 noodles in them, or a $6 (and up) tin to take home and reheat.

                          While I was there I saw plenty of people trying the free samples, but nobody buying the product. And frankly, the warmed over sample wasn't very good. So I tasted it and left. If however they had been selling 3 or 4 dollar bowls of the stuff, I wouldn't have hesitated. And I imagine it would be quite good if kept properly. Those little paper dixie cups in the chaffing dishes just didn't do it any favors.

                          My advice to the Paddy people: you'd do A LOT more business at those markets if you were actually selling bowls of the stuff to eat then and there.

                    2. The mac and cheese at Zeke's is good and luscious, and it would be even better if you could get them to top it with buttered breadcrumbs for a quick pass under the broiler at the last minute.

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                      1. You might want to check with Clementine in Century City. The M&C they have in a large size and they may well be able to do the lemon bars too.

                        1751 Ensley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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                          This was also going to be my suggestion. I'm sure they can do lemon bars and I'd be willing to be they're delicious judging from the quality of their other baked goods.

                        2. I love mac and cheese.

                          not to jack the thread but anyone know where you can get that chunky mac and cheese with a lot of egg and cheese that it really good?

                          1. I had some yummy mac n cheese at Elements Kitchen in Pasadena. They seem to specialize more in catering so they ought to be able to provide it in large quantities! I heard that they are moving (or have moved) to a new location since I last visited there.


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                              Also, I'm not the biggest fan of lemon bars but I'ce heard good things about the ones at Wildflour in Sierra Madre. All the pastries and breads I've had here have been delicious!

                            2. The Boxer Cafe - Crack and Cheese. A take out window across from Muscle Beach in Venice. Pull up a bleacher and chow down. Also amazing pulled pork. Or get both, they call it Love in a Bowl. They also top it with spiked Turkey Chilly and call it Pull The Trigger. Chef Mindy Lymperis does it again.

                              1. I've heard that Smitty's on Lake Avenue in Pasadena has good Mac and Cheese. I'm always on the hunt for good Lemon Bars. I recently tried the Lemon Bars at Europane in Pasadena on Colorado and they were really yummy. The lemon was a good mix of sweet and tart and the base was like a buttery yummy shortbread. 4 out of 5 stars. Still looking for the perfect one.

                                1. baby blues bbq.....do not go to zekes whatever you do, i dont care how good the mac and cheese is

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                                    Could you provide specific reasons for telling everyone not to "go to zekes whatever you do"? It's only fair to give a clear statement of the gripe so that others can present alternative points of view, if necessary. Also, there are two Zeke's locations -- are you referring to both?

                                    Zeke's Smokehouse
                                    2209 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

                                    Zeke's Smokehouse
                                    7100 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

                                  2. I tried Zeke's in weho twice. first was just ok, second horribly tough, salty and fatty, wont try a third time.

                                    1. I second the lavender lemon bars at Surfas. Fragrant and amazing.

                                      1. Can also recommend the mac and cheese at Clementine. The 'large" size will feed 4, but I am convinced that if you call them they will make a large tray for you. Also, agree with other poster about SusieCakes Lemon Bars. They are wonderful. However, if you don't want to make two trips, ask Clementine if they will do lemon bars. If not, they have some other pretty amazing desserts.