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Mar 22, 2009 05:03 PM

What to bring to a beer tasting potluck?

Already on the menu are (Alton Browns) ribs and gumbo. I'm thinking of Alton Browns once and tasty beans recipe or my famous rosemary cashews (Ina Garten). Other ideas (I don't like cabbage!)

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  1. I love pizzas. You can make them all ahead and then just cook 10 minutes. There are so many options to even using premade crusts these days. You can get really creative and make a few different of the small pizzas. Not just regular but shrimp, creme fraische, spinach and mozzarella; chicken, monterey jack with pesto and olives and carmelized onions. Or just pepperoni if you want. They are fun and just cut in slices

    I make a spicy crock pot dish using sage sausage cut in bit size pieces with honey and chipoltes and apple cider. Slow cooked just a few hours and then served in a large bowl with toothpics, hearthy easy and fun to just nibble.

    My pan fried olive balls, room temp is fine.

    I would think a fun potato dish. I did small stuffed potatoes for a potluck. I took small white potatoes bake and cut in half and then scooped out. Then mixed the traditional, cheese, bacon, sour cream, etc and refilled and then baked. Reheating would be great in the oven, but even a micro just for a few minutes will work fine. They are just a bit bigger than bite size, but a great side with ribs

    Of course Salad ... Got to have something healthy. I love lettuce cups. I use some little endive cups and stuff with a chopped salad. You can use your favorite salad, but I love to chop it up so it fits it the endive cups. That way everyone has their own. I still put dressing on the side or if you want a simple vinaigrette would be best I think. Then just spoon in the lettuce leaves. Everyone gets one.

    Pasta. I would do a baked pasta dish with maybe some gooey cheese, mushrooms. etc.

    Have fun!!

    1. Farfar Bridies is an old Scottish appetizer that goes well with beer. Buy a couple inexpensive steaks - I particularly like ribeye. Sprinkle with salt & pepper. Sear them hot and fast. Then cut into bite sized pieces ans smear with Coleman's mustard or other spicy mustard.

      Take a package of puff pastry and cut each sheet into 9 squares. Fold a steak bite into each square, fold into a triangle , seal and set on a baking sheet. Bake at 400F until puffy and golden - maybe 12-15 minutes. Serve with a mustard dipping sauce.

        1. It might be fun if everyone brought a dish from a different ethnic cuisine. Some beers taste better with pizza, some better with Mexican food, some with Indian food, and so on. So a winning beer with one food might be the loser with another.

          1. A platter of crudites (sliced/chopped raw vegetables) is easy and good for you, and the veggies are an excellent palate cleanser between beer courses.