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Mar 22, 2009 05:03 PM

Vancouver Dinner Reception Location for 40 - 45 People

I am getting married in Toronto and are planning a dinner reception for my family and friends in Vancouver in June who are unable to come to Ontario for the wedding.

I am looking for a restaurant or hotel with a private or semi-private room which can accomodate our group. The guests will range in age, and about 10 of the guest being junior or highschool aged, so hoping for something trendy, but not ultra modern.

Budget is about 40 - 50 per person before alcohol, tax, tip/

Although not mandatory, we would like somewhere with a west coast flare and a view of the city or waterfront.

We are also going to be wearing our wedding attire again, so it can't be too casual.

Recommendations would be appreciated!

A few places we are considering (feedback welcome)

The Cannery
Gold Fish Pacific Kitchen
The Observatory - Grouse Mountain

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  1. A similar question was posted at a different forum...the person ended up booking The Alibi Room.

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    1. re: fmed

      fmed, Alibi Room is a great idea! If it were me, I'd be looking for a buyout or completely private room for this type of event, which it sounds like Alibi could do. I love the building it is in too, very old Vancouver but still hip enough for the OP I'd guess.

      Although the other places candyapple mentioned could work, for me there is a strike (or more) against all of them:

      The Cannery: on the waterfront all right but a pain to get to (we've had guests get lost/held up at the security gates) and just too kitschy for my taste for a wedding celebration complete with bridal attire (though I'm not familiar with whether they might have a private room that would be better) -- I would also be a bit concerned about food quality here. As I believe I have posted before, I have not been blown away by the grub on the several times I been in the last few years, and it is not cheap.

      Steamworks: nice with waterfront possibilities and various privatish rooms but too pubby IMHO and again haven't been blown away by the food here.

      Gold Fish: no water, nightmarish parking for a big group unless you all valet which I suppose would work. I've only eaten there once so caveat on this next comment, but I found both the room and food a bit precious (very modern decor which I found cold though I've read raves about both) and pricey too for what it is -- you can get much better real Asian food for a lot less here :-).

      I haven't eaten at Grouse Mountain in forever (except for hot chocolate and scones) so no comments re food but I don't think this would count as trendy, though it would certainly be view worthy. I believe if you are booked in there for an event the transpo up the mountain is free but again this is a schlep for people and won't work at all if anyone in your party is afraid of heights, has vertigo or claustrophobia. Bear in mind also that it can still get pretty chilly here in the evenings in June, more so if you are up in the sky :-).

      Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

      1. re: grayelf

        Thanks for the feedback. I will check out The Alibi Room.

        Other venue recommendations are more than welcome!

        1. re: candyapple2009

          If you are interested in Steamworks, consider the Transcontinental, next door. It's run by the same group, so similar food but the atmosphere is a bit nicer -- reminiscent of the 40s with the their big round booths. I've been to private events there and it seemed to work well.

        2. re: grayelf

          >>fmed, Alibi Room is a great idea! If it were me, I'd be looking for a buyout or completely private room for this type of event, which it sounds like Alibi could do. I love the building it is in too, very old Vancouver but still hip enough for the OP I'd guess.

          Do you remember the time (in the old days) when that building housed the Archimedes Club? That's were cabbies used to hang out. For the 'alternative music' crowd, It was the alternative drinking spot to the Railway Club or The Marine Club (...where all the posties used to hang out.) It was popular spot for the punk/alternative music movement as well...members of the punk band DOA and their colourful entourage used to hang there.

          And now back to regularly scheduled programming....

      2. Maybe consider the Sequoia Grill in Stanley Park or Seasons in the Park at Queen Elizabeth Park. They're run by the same company and have spectacular views (of the water in the first case, and of the city in the second. They also have sections of the restaurant which can be booked for a large group so you have some privacy.

        1. Brock House - more traditional (not so trendy), but beautiful views of Jericho beach, and they're quite used to doing wedding parties

          as Islandgirl suggested, Seasons - also more traditional, nice views of QE park, has private rooms of various sizes (I think the smallest is ~40), with group menus starting at $35pp

          For trendier ideas, maybe you could do a buyout of a smaller restaurant. Ideas include:
          maybe L'Altro Buca (I haven't seen it yet, but it's former incarnation, Parkside was lovely) - perhaps you could book the outdoor garden terrace